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Alex is a reitred Washington police officer where he worked for the government. He was one that was light hearted in nature on some things but took his friendshi What I like most about this book is that it is not one with angst or drama. He was one that was light hearted in nature on some things but took his friendships and feelings seriously.

He moved to Rehobeth beach to enjoy retirement and get out of the city. He was kind and considerate. But he also had experience with men so meeting Clayton-a quiet man who loved books and was just beginning his life as a gay man-was a surprise for him a pleasant one as well. He found Clayton to be a man he wanted to know but knew that he needed to go slowly.

They start as friends and become more as their feelings developed. Clayton moves to Rehobeth beach after retiring from being a librarian for years and his mother passing. He is now free to explore his attraction to men but is hesitant due to having little experience. Meeting Alex has him want to become bolder. And when they meet up by accident for Clayton this helps him gain the courage to learn more about Alex.

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Need an account? What I like most about this book is that it is not one with angst or drama. Crime, Media, Culture. Free to pursue a dream job, free to pursue a dream person, free to explore things about themselves they set aside or ignored for so many years. Here are a few examples of the dialogue: view spoiler ["On a different topic, you're looking like you're in fine shape there, buddy.

It is Clayton learning what it means to be in love and learning to trust in someone. He is learning what it takes to have a relationship. This is a story that is real in how the romance progresses. We see issues arise and be dealt with, communication occur and attraction be acted on but in a natural progression and not in a heat of the moment instant gratification. We see their personalities and faults on full display and watch their romance from beginning to end as they come together and find love and happiness with one another.

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A wonderful beach read with characters you enjoy learning about and entertain you. Sometimes courting is necessary to show your worth. Oct 12, Roclaf Alter -Ego rated it liked it. Feb 10, Gavin Stephenson-Jackman rated it really liked it. Alex managed to pass in school through athletics and the protection of those who relied on discretion to not be exposed themselves. Clayton has learned to be more wary after enduring unending teasing and bullying for his bookish ways. The story first sees the boys growing up in small towns in New Jersey where they actually attend the same school separated by a year, neither knowing that the other existed.

After public school the boys paths diverge radically with Alex entering the Marines and serving in Vietnam, Clayton attends college and finds employment in the local library. As times change Alex finds that he can live more openly, but Clayton is still confined to the closet with family concerns.

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It is only after full careers that the two finally meet. After the lives that they have led, Clayton has obvious trust issues and it is these issues which makes up a significant amount of tension in their relationship. The availability of too many men in the gay resort town of Rehoboth Beach in the summer prove to be very tempting and could threaten the burgeoning friendship of the two men. The novel becomes a real page turner once the two men meet and find that they are attracted to each other.

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May 13, Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews rated it liked it Shelves: guiltypleasures-angeline , publishersent. Simpson takes a different approach in telling their story. I was unsure at first, but I found that it worked fine in the end. We were able to see how each man grew into the people they were before they met. Unfortunately, I had a hard time relating to the characters. I always hope for passion while reading a romance and was saddened to not feel it between Alex and Clayton.

The dialogue tended to be repetitious. It felt over the top at times and took me out of the story. Clayton was very vocal during their sex scenes, which was out of character with his lack of experience. He was a shy guy normally and seemed to find communicating difficult.

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It felt too unbelievable to me. I liked the overall plot. I love the idea of more seasoned characters.

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There were some very realistic scenes. Although I was somewhat disappointed in this story, I will try another John Simpson book. Dec 10, Wax rated it it was ok Shelves: mm , own-have. What is this that I just read? I'll admit that if it hadn't been for the Scavenger Hunt I might not have finished this. I'm not sure if this writing style works for some, but I found the dialogue stilted and banal. The characters were not engaging and the relationship was tepid at most. Here are a few examples of the dialogue: view spoiler ["On a different topic, you're looking like you're in fine shape there, buddy.

Nice muscles, and if I remember right, you got one muscle in particular that I u What is this that I just read? Nice muscles, and if I remember right, you got one muscle in particular that I used to admire You're my first customer, and as custom dictates, I will frame one of the dollar bills you just gave me and put it up on the wall. It represents the first buck this place mad for me Aug 14, Lois - Who Reads rated it it was ok Shelves: stored-kindle-app , m-m , challenge-scavenger-hunt.

This book was not for me.

The writing is stilted and the dialogue is even worse. I was plodding along, almost to the end, and then a few things happened that made me really not like the two MCs and it was all down hill from there. Aug 03, Elianara rated it liked it Shelves: mm-romace. Alex and Clayton, both almost fifty, both move to a new town and start their life after a long time married to jobs and other peoples expectations.

Alex retires from his job in the federal law enforcement, Clayton leaves his job as a librarian to start his own bookshop after his mother dies. They meet and connect, but Clayton's long life in the closet causes problems in the relationship. A sweet story, all in all. Jun 01, Syfy rated it liked it Shelves: m-m-romance. I almost quit reading this book several times because it was so painfully awkward.

You get each of the MC's life story laid out up until the time they meet, some 50yrs worth. Strangely random events, uncomfortably contrived situations, atrocious dialog. By the time I got to the chapter where the 50 year old virgin gets spanked, I was committed out of morbid fascination. In the end, I realized somewhere along the line I'd begun rooting for these two guy's.

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