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One record he cut about myself, about my deputy work and so forth, which I was proud of. I never did arrest him. I never did find out if he was involved in any kind of moonshine deal. He stuck to his music pretty well after he left the farm at Dockery, Mississippi.

The way I would get information, really it was a bribery deal where I would have them turn in the bootlegger. Charley may be making some music for them. Naturally, being in Merigold a lot, Charley got acquainted with the marshal. Anyway, everybody was on the lookout, and they might spot a lookout to watch for the marshal or the deputy coming around.

They hardly ever locked people up. The penalty was a heavy fine, which I got a bonus out of. It was the time of my life.

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I did what I wanted to with the corn whiskey, and I would take the sacks of sugar. And that was one of my deals I did at Christmas time. I gave my friends a sack of sugar.

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In the song Patton does not seem to show any indignation at Rushing, who was after all simply doing his job. The most curious and cryptic statement comes in the last line of stanza 5, where he suggests that either Tom Day had an opponent for his office or that the aldermen of Merigold may have been unhappy with his performance. In a biting conclusion, Patton reduces the potentially jobless marshal to the status of a common vagrant, the kind of person that Day probably arrested without compunction.

Patty Johnson and I joined the junket and though no Patton relatives turned up, we did find people who had stories to tell about Charley Patton. Hallman, and all them places—well, he just lived all over. In other words, he was just a roundabout fellow. At Zumbro store right up there.

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That was old man Joe Smith. In the photo with Smith are eight black people; unfortunately Charley Patton is not among them. Histories that were written separately but that evolved side by side in the Delta—of the prominent planters and of their blues-singing tenants—have interfaced to bring a larger picture into view, a feat inspired in no small part by the art of Charley Patton. Sugar Boy Lewis recalled a number of musicians from the local plantations who played with Patton. All these Saturday night breakdowns, Buddy would go around and carry his harp with him, and he would play with Charley Patton.

Go along with the hat and take up collection. Day and Mr. And, well, he was a terrible fellow. I remember when they caught him selling whiskey. Tom Rushing and Mr. Day come out there and raided the place for whiskey. And they carried him to jail. Holloway got a son in Cleveland.

Rooster Holloway. Rooster was able to provide an intimate perspective on Charley Patton, because Patton once lived in the Holloway household, and Rooster regarded him almost like a big brother or an uncle. Them old men stayed together a long time. Have plenty of whiskey. And he could drink it too! Now him and my daddy could drink more corn whiskey than anybody I ever seed in my life. I see them take a pint fruit jar, fill it up. You could name any kind of song you wanted to hear. But he was bad with that guitar.

We had a great big house.

It was ten of us chillun. We lived seven miles from Merigold. The man they call Tom Rushing, he come out there too. My mother cooked a lot of fish, and oh, man, they eat and drank. His wife would go with him sometimes. We had a house with twelve rooms in it. That was big money way back in there.

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Yeah, old Charley had a sack of money. Me and my brother, all of us had cars. He Charley made that to make his record.

Come home Charley Patton

He got it out of that barn. He just stayed in that barn and made whiskey most of the time. Make us work! Whilst he make whiskey. When Mr. Day arrested him, he turned it over to the federal people and they took him from Cleveland. They carried him to Clarksdale and he spent right at two months up there in Clarksdale jail.

And they never did arrest him no more.

Charley Patton

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