Drops and Bubbles in Contact with Solid Surfaces (Progress in Colloid and Interface Science)

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Bestselling Series.

1. Introduction

Harry Potter. Popular Features. New Releases. Notify me. Description This book provides an updated overview on different topics related to the fundamentals and applications of drops and bubbles and to their interaction with a solid surface.

Not only theoretical and experimental contributions are covered, but also a wide range of fields with the common background of wetting and wettability, liquid-solid interfacial properties, spreading dynamics. An interesting peculiarity arises from considering several types of liquids: pure liquids, surfactant solutions, ionic liquids, liquid metals. Therefore, the book is useful both to readers willing to deepen their knowledge on specific topics as well as to those seeking a general overview on the subject. In addition, the book can be widely used for materials, physics and chemistry courses for undergraduates.

Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions Other books in this series. Bubble and Drop Interfaces Reinhard Miller. Fortes, M. Deformation of solid surfaces due to capillary forces. Yu, Y. Elastic deformation of soft membrane with finite thickness induced by a sessile liquid droplet.

Liu, J. Deformation field of the soft substrate induced by capillary force.

Phenomena of liquid drop impact on solid and liquid surfaces

Res, 35 9 , Self-cleaning superhydrophobic surfaces with underwater superaerophobicity. Wasan, Z. No bubble attachment was observed for bare hydrophilic mica, but attachment behaviors and attraction with an exponential decay length of 0. The chapters cover the theoretical and experimental aspects of wetting and wettability, liquid-solid interfacial properties, and spreading dynamics on different surfaces, including a special section on polymers. Dilute polymer solution drops impacting on heated surfaces: New impact morphologies and impact regime maps.

Shanahan, M. Adhesion ed.

Derek Chan - Publications (Recent)

Allen, K. Spreading and dynamics of liquid drops involving nanometric deformations on soft substrates. Nanometric solid deformation of soft materials in capillary phenomena. Nano-Surface Chemistry ed. Rosoff, M. White, L. The contact angle on the elastic substrate, 1. Das, S. Elastic deformation due to tangential capillary forces.

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Kern, R. Deformation of an elastic thin solid induced by a liquid droplet. Treloar, L. The influence of solid micro-deformation on contact angle equilibrium. Statics and dynamics of wetting on thin solids. The spreading dynamics of a liquid drop on a viscoelastic solid. Direct evidence for viscosity-independent spreading on a soft solid.

Langmuir , 11 1 , 24—26 CrossRef Google Scholar. Viscoelastic dissipation in wetting and adhesion phenomena.

Langmuir , 11 4 , — CrossRef Google Scholar. Viscoelastic effects in the spreading of liquids. Effect of cross-linking on the dewetting of an elastomeric surface.

Substrate elastic deformation due to vertical component of liquid-vapor interfacial tension

Long, D. Static and dynamic wetting properties of thin rubber films. Langmuir , 12 21 , — CrossRef Google Scholar. Andrade, J. Surface characterization of poly hydroxyethyl methacrylate and related polymers, I. Elastic straining of a thin graphite layer by a liquid droplet or a non-epitaxed Pb crystallite. Extrand, C. Contact angle and hysteresis on soft surfaces. Saiz, E. Ridging effects on wetting and spreading of liquids on solids.

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Acta Materialia , 46 7 , — Google Scholar. Pu, G. Mechanical pinning of liquids through inelastic wetting ridge formation on thermally stripped acrylic polymers. Langmuir , 23 24 , — CrossRef Google Scholar. Solid-supported thin elastomer films deformed by microdrops. Effect of capillary pressure and surface tension on the deformation of elastic surfaces by sessile liquid microdrops: an experimental investigation.

Langmuir , 24 19 , — CrossRef Google Scholar. Jerison, E. Deformation of an elastic substrate by a three-phase contact line. Reactive spreading: adsorption, ridging and compound formation.

Madasu, S. Static wetting on flexible substrates: a finite element formulation. Role of vertical component of surface tension of the droplet on the elastic deformation of PDMS membrane. Deformation of PDMS membrane and microcantilever by a water droplet: comparison between Mooney-Rivlin and linear elastic constitutive models. Wang, F. Rugar, D. Atomic force microscopy. Dimitriadis, E. Determination of elastic moduli of thin layers of soft material using the atomic force microscopy.

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Magonov, S. Characterization of polymer surfaces with atomic force microscopy. Zhao, L. Assessment of elasticity and topography of aspergillus nidulans spores via atomic force microscopy. Jensenius, H. A microcantilever-based alcohol vapor sensor-application and response model. Bonaccurso, E. Microdrops on atomic force microscope cantilevers: evaporation of water and spring constant calibration.

Haschke, T. Sessile-drop-induced bending of atomic force microscope cantilevers: a model system for monitoring microdrop evaporation.

The Interface and surfactants

Butt, H. Golovko, D. Evaporative cooling of sessile water microdrops measured with atomic force microscope cantilevers. Transition in the evaporation kinetics of water microdrops on hydrophilic surfaces. Langmuir , 25 1 , 75—78 CrossRef Google Scholar. Jeon, S. Influence of nanobubbles on the bending of microcantilevers.