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I wrote some and he wrote some and what started out to be a short story got longer. In fact, it became a novel, which we self-published. My family nick name is Poppies, so he thought that would be a good name to be called when he become a grandfather too. When he went into Eighth Grade, he felt a lot different about English. Some work. Unless lightning strikes, most self-published authors struggle to earn back what they paid to publish. However, I believe there is a business out there for someone with the savvy and audacity to take self-published books and market them.

However, a third party not emotionally involved with the title and with the experience and moxie to push it on to the reading public targeting the right sector could be successful. It is marketing my work. I enjoy the writing; even the proofing. It just sort of happened. Coming from a lower middleclass background, the opportunity to attend a service academy solved the problem of how to pay for a college education. A subsequent graduate degree in engineering added to my commitment to the Air Force, so by then I was hooked.

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“Frigby's War” satirically tells the story of a young man, Pharcus Frigby, who was sent to Vietnam bearing a load of baggage stemming from his upbringing, his. war, it captures or recreates many of the antics experienced by Triple Nickel The novel, Frigby's War, is totally fictional unless of course, one happens to relate .

Through it all, however, the pressure to be a good soldier was always pitted against a renegade attitude which was sometimes suppressed, but more often not. Growing up in the Midwest, I blended the solid WASP values I learned from my family and friends with the melting pot of attitudes and conduct I found in the military. Following my military career, I saw the other side of the coin by spending fourteen years in a private sector engineering firm. The result is that I am somewhat of a hybrid—neither a straight-laced, conservative, retired military officer nor am I a laid back, liberal Midwesterner.

Writing came along in my life well after my two engineering careers had faded into the sunset. I write because I enjoy the challenge of telling the story and revel in making it all come together. So, while I have paced the agitated halls of the Pentagon, I prefer a solitary stroll on the beach. I have seen the fervor and excitement of battle but it pales in contrast with the glimpse of a newborn baby. I write because there are stories that need to be told.

Eventually, that need came about and Red Horse Squadrons were again activated in the active force and have provided heavy repair and construction support to Air Force missions ever since. His subsequent assignments included a job in the Center where he led a group of architects and engineering professionals in designing first generation relocatable structures. Although he managed to avoid a Pentagon assignment,. After twenty-four years of service, in he retired and took all weekend off before starting work with a private sector engineering company with the unpronounceable name, Sverdrup Corporation, in St.

Louis, Missouri. He spent fourteen years as Vice President of Administration until Sverdrup merged with Jacobs Engineering and he graciously accepted the golden parachute offered and retired from the engineering business for good. Since retiring in , he has tried his hand at golf—failed miserably. Gardening around the house—most things died over the winter. Pool with a bunch of ex-Air Force buddies where he tries to get them drunk so he can win.

And poker with another bunch of ex-Air Force buddies where he does the same as with pool. Stokes and Moore--ready for patrol of the Super Hootch One novel was co-authored with Jerry Stokes and, while it is a satire on numerous aspects of the war, it captures or recreates many of the antics experienced by Triple Nickel officers during our time in country. His daughter, Kristy Kniest is an executive with Boeing in St.

Moore attributes their success to the parenting the two children received from his wife while she was the sole parent during his year in Vietnam. Bishop, Harry A.

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Bishop, Hoel S. Bitzing, Henry R.

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Miss Phyllis A. Miss Doris E. Black, Garland C. Black, Henry M. Blackburn, Thomas W. Blake, Clarence J. Blakelock, David H. Blesse, Frederick A. Blessley, Rowland C. Block, Emil H. Blood, Kenneth T. Bockey, Forest V. Bohlender, John F. Bolibaugh, Oral B. Bonham, Francis G. Booth, Alfred J. Miss Nancy Booth. Emma S. Miss Eleanor D. Booton, John G. Borden, William A. D Mrs. William C.

Bowman, Frank O. Bowman, Leslie E. Boyer, Perry L. Brabson, Fay W. Bracher, Allen N. Bradish, Robert F. Office address and telephone Retired Room , Munitions Br. Retired Room , Munitions Br. NA Br. Room , Munitions Br. Army War College.. Army Dental School.. Retired Retired. Room , N avy Building. Army Medical School GE Residence and telephone Jefferson Place NW. Avenue Warren Street. CL Clar. GE CL EM CL CL CO DE NA AD EM NO AD W. Brady, Thomas, jr. Bramlitt, Charles H. Brand, Clarence E. Brasted, Alva J. Brett, George H. Miss Dora Brett. Brice, Charles S. Brigham, Claude E. Brinson, Noah M.

Brooks, John B. Brotherton, Harold T. Brougher, William E. Miss Doris Brougher. Brown, Arthur W. Brown, Homer C. Brown, Leslie W. Miss Ruth Brown. Brown, Robert W. Browning, William S. Bruce, Andrew D. Brush, Rapp, It. Bruton, Philip G. Philip Bruton. Bryden, William, col.

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Ellen Bryden. Miss Patricia Bull. Bump, Arthur L. Bundy, Charles W. Burch, Claude O. Burdett, Allen M. Lucy G. Burgess, George R. Retired W yoming Avenue NW.. CL ing. Army War Cnllevp. AD Navy Building. Burling, Edwin, maj. Burnett, Charles, col.

Burns, James H. Miss Charlotte Burr. Burr, William E. Burwell, Harvey S. Buyers, Archie S. Cabell, DeRosey C. Cahill, Howard F. Caldwell, Albin N. Callan, Robert E. Calvert, Binnie F. Miss Esther V. Campbell, Daniel C. Campbell, William F. Canby, Clarence P. Candee, Robert C. Cansler, Louis, maj. Caraway, Forrest, 1 It. Carmody, Robert E. Carpenter, William T. Carson, Marion, capt. Carswell, Stuart R. Office address and telephone Residence and telephon e Room , Munitions Building. Room , Munitions Building. Room , State, War and Navy Building. Retired Room , Munitions Building.

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Chynoweth, Bradford G. Clagett, Henry B. Clapham, Lathrop B. Clark, Henry C. Clark, Howard, 2d, maj.

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Clark Howard F. Miss Ruth Clark. Clay, Lucius D. Clay, Wallace L. John W. Miss Mary Cleave. Miss Ann Cleave. CL mg. Room , State, War, and Br. Streets NW. Room H, Building E, Br. Avenue SW. Devonshire Place. Chase, Md. Spring, Md. Box 14, College Park, Berw. Room, District Building. JN A IBr. PO ing. Clotfelter, David W. Cluck, James C. Cobb, Lawrence L. Coburn, Henry C. Miss Elizabeth L.

Cocheu, Frank S. Cocheu, George W. Colbern, William H. Cole, Philip P. Cole, Robert B. Coleman, Frederick W. Miss Virginia Coleman. Dorothy L. Collins, Robert L. Colton, Roger B. Conley, Edgar T. Connell, Carl W. Conner, Ray B. Conner, Steven L. Miss Jean Conrad. Considine, John A. Miss Dorothy Considine. Miss Jeanne Considine. Cook, Chauncey E. Cook, Gilbert R. Miss Cece Cook. Cooley, Elias E.

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Office address and telephone Residence and telephone Retired. Retired Fort Myer, Va. Fort Washington, Md. Retired Room , State, War, and Br. NA Room , Munitions Br. Room , Winder Build- Br. Retired Retired Fort Myer, Va. GE Br. West Falls Church, Va. CL GE CL FR. PO Br. CL Br. EM Br. WE Br. Miss Ona Cooper. Miss Ella Cooper. Corbin, Clifford L. Miss Dolly Corbin. Corderman, W. Preston, 1 It. Cordiner, Douglas C. Miss Louise Cordiner. Corlett, Charles H. Cota, Norman D. Goughian, Joseph D.

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Coulter, John B. Council, Francis E. Cound, Oliver E. Ooursen, Edgar G. Cousins, Ralph P. Cox, Creed F. Cox, Wesley C. Craig, Joseph S. Craig, Malin, gen. Cramer, Raymond V. Crawford, James P. Miss Doley Crawford. Crawford, Robert W. Miss Mary Elizabeth Crawford. Croft, Edward, maj. Miss C.

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Erkenbeck, Vernon J. Erskine, David G.