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Rescue diver Jonas Taylor Statham has to figure out how to save the crew from the foot shark — a task that seems almost impossible. Jason Statham has built a successful career as an action hero, appearing in various stand alone thrillers and franchise films. Jason Statham plays an experienced rescue diver up against a megalodon in The Meg, in theaters now. Jason Statham is an English actor from Derbyshire, England. He is both an avid football fan and diver.

He eventually did some modelling before becoming a professional actor. Jason typically plays similar characters in each of his roles. He has never won an acting award aside from most offensive male character from the Women Film Critics Circle Awards. The award was for his role in Crank. Jason Statham has made the majority of his money as an actor. Jason Statham is engaged to Rosie Huntington-Whitely. The pair have been together since They have one child together. His name is Jack Oscar Statham. Jason and Rosie are careful to keep their son out of the public eye, but did recently share an adorable photo of the back of their son, who appeared to be walking to them as they posed for a pre-premiere photo together.

This girl launched her new venture today.. Congratulations babe. Check it out roseinc rosiehw. The Meg currently has a 50 per cent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 7. Despite decent ratings from these sites, critics have been less than impressed with The Meg. View this post on Instagram. Out of left field! A quarter of Apollo Astronauts were lefties and 13 more amazing facts about left-handed people It's all right! Toddler Charlie Case is looking for amusement in the room of his teenage brother David when a blackbird flies by the window and suggests to the child that he might like flying too.

The boy is almost off the window ledge before his brother notices what is happening and leaps to his rescue. A near miss. A lucky escape. But David is not flooded with relief that disaster has been avoided. The fabric of his consciousness is shattered and the extent of all likelihood and unlikelihood suddenly yawns. The experience catapults him into terror. How can he bear to contemplate the limitless, appalling possibilities that life holds?

Any second, something terrible could happen. To him especially. Fate is on his heels and baring its lethal fangs. David had better do something before it pounces. The first thing that David does to protect himself is to resort to disguise. He changes his name to Justin in the firm belief that this sounds "suave, coolly ironic, hardbodied, rigorously intelligent".

Of course no disguise is complete without the outfit to match. A trip to the local charity shop yields more than a turquoise flowered shirt and skinny brown cardigan. These items are handed to him by an older girl with a fine line in arty chic, a camera forever at her side. Enlarge cover.

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Return to Book Page. Preview — Primal Waters by Steve Alten. It was the apex predator of all time, the most fearsome creature that ever lived -- a foot, 70, pound Great White shark. Hundreds of 7-inch serrated teeth filled jaws that could swallow an elephant whole. It could sense its prey miles away, inhaling its scent as it registered the beat of its fluttering heart, and if you ever came close enough to see the monster Eighteen years have passed since Jonas Taylor last crossed paths with carcharodon Megalodon.

Now a middle-aged father of two, he is overwhelmed by mountains of bills and the daily strife of raising a family. But life is about to change. A Hollywood television producer wants Jonas to join his new survival series: Daredevils. For the next six weeks, two teams of crazy daredevils on a South Pacific Ocean voyage will try to outperform one another in front of the cameras.

Jonas needs the money, and the job of doing the color commentary seems easy enough. But behind the scenes, someone else is pulling the strings. And before it's over, Jonas will again come face to face with the most dangerous creatures ever to stalk the Earth. Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. Published May 1st by Forge Books first published More Details Original Title. Other Editions Friend Reviews.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Primal Waters , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 3. Rating details. More filters. Sort order. Not only is Romance Week long past, but Shark Week is over too. Bye Shark Week! See you next year! Unfortunately, since the first book, which I really liked, this series is only going downhi Not only is Romance Week long past, but Shark Week is over too.

Unfortunately, since the first book, which I really liked, this series is only going downhill for me. Here we have Mr. Alten alternating between 1. The one interesting story arc suffered a lot from David being written way too mature for a fourteen year old kid. But Alten makes up for it or maybe not by writing all the other characters as completely immature dumbasses. The one thing he has going for him are the death scenes. Those were mostly fun. And he delivers on that front.

READERS GUIDE Meg & Charlie (The Meg Novels Book 1) eBook: Joan Marsan- Murphine: Kindle Store. Meg & Charlie [Joan Murphine] on Story time just got better with Prime Book Box, a subscription that delivers editorially hand-picked children's books every 1, 2, or 3 months # in Contemporary Literature & Fiction.

But a little more of an entertaining story in between, some likeable characters one actually wants to see survive and some suspense here and there would have been nice. How difficult can it be to write more than only one scene that keeps readers on the edge of their seats?! And why, oh why Steve Alten did you have to completely ruin the best character of the previous books by turning Mac into a pathetic drunk?

This book is best to be read together with a friend. So thank you, Cathy , for making this a lot more fun than it had any right to be. I hope everyone had a nice V-day. I did. So long, and thanks for all the fish! View all 54 comments.

Jan 23, Hannah rated it liked it Shelves: reads , horror. Suffice it to say, Steve Alten's "Meg" series of which this is the 3rd , is for me what smut erotica is for its readership: hot sex, steamy sex, and nasty- is-that-even-physically-possible?? I like Alten's meg books for the butt clenching, nail biting, what if?? I won't lie. Alten's writing isn't I'm not going to belabor the point and write up a long and detailed review of MEG: Primal Waters.

Alten's writing isn't steller. His characters aren't well developed and his storylines can be so unbelievable as to be laughable. What it IS, however, is a good 'ole cheap thrill, and I need that thrill every 20 books or so. I just prefer mine to have 6 inch razor sharp serrated teeth instead of an 12 inch wanker In this third novel old enemies, both human and animal, re-surface to haunt Jonas Taylor and his wife.

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There is quite the big time jump between the second and third book. JT is 64 now and has a daughter and son with Terry. The Tanaka Institute has failed after the disaster of the second book and whales refusing to use the lagoon because of the lingering scent of Angel. Thus, Mr. Tanaka had to borrow a lot of money and is now in financial trouble.

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JT and Terry aren't doing much better so we're off In this third novel old enemies, both human and animal, re-surface to haunt Jonas Taylor and his wife. JT and Terry aren't doing much better so we're off to a very depressive start. It isn't helping that the characters themselves are downtrodden and depressed as hell. Sadly, the author decided to also make the best character, Mac, become a sorry excuse for a human being.

I have to say that I was disappointed since many of the earlier deaths in this book were either not meg-related at all or only marginally. I felt cheated. Moreover, when a death finally was thanks to a meg-encounter, the scene faded to black instead of giving us the blood and gore we're all here for.

Not cool, Mr. Alten, not cool! View all 10 comments. I think I must have been more than usually willing to suffer trash this month. Do I like trash? This fits the bill Chum in the water. A Reality TV show going really, really wrong.

Well, that part was pretty cool. Jonah in his late sixties is kinda His damaged wife, too. For the most part, I just waited to see who I think I must have been more than usually willing to suffer trash this month. For the most part, I just waited to see who would become shark food. That's Okay. Fortunately, there's a big market for this kind of thing, so I don't have to single-handedly support the industry. View all 4 comments. The first part of the book had about as much energy as the main characters we all used to love; 18 years later and Mac is a dirty drunk, Jonas is Victor Meldrew, and Terry is still having nightmares from her kidnapping in the last book.

They're mentally much older than their physical selves and it shows. I have some teeny tiny sympathy considering what they've been through but stop whining, dammit, Angel's back Thankfully, almost everyone gets a chance to redeem themselves in the last third. Apart from the people who get dead. It's fun and tense and full of blood and body parts. Angel is as brilliant as ever. She's just hungry and a bit pissed off all the time- and I feel that. The Megs never let themselves down, always up for a bit of crunchy body munchy action.

Honestly, as long as they keep eating people in ever more inventive ways, I'm here for it. Monster pulp fiction had a love child with a National Geographic documentary. Shark Week! Immature characters. Stupid, stupid people. Not passing the Bechdel test. Oh, and add some fat shaming as well. If I counted right, Megalodon won 17 to nil. The only character that feels a little like a real person is Jonas Taylor. In the beginning less telling, more showing would have been good. The Daredevil sequences are not all bad. Then there is a good scene in between with David and Mac stuck in the lagoon on a sinking ship. As the action ramps up towards the end of the book, it is indeed fun to read this. Still, lots of issues with the characters. Will I read the fourth book? But not for a good, long while I am open for suggestions! View all 27 comments. Feb 08, Victoria rated it it was amazing Shelves: mystery-thriller , books-in-a-series , ocean. I passed this book on the shelf and immediately was drawn to the massive shark on the cover.

I have loved sharks for as long as I can remember - from watching Jaws at too young of an age, to pouring over non-fiction books and staying glued to the television for every single year of Shark Week. Needless to say, I was shocked that I had never stumbled across this thriller before.

Though I soon realized that this is a middle book in the MEG series and I loathe reading books out of order , I couldn I passed this book on the shelf and immediately was drawn to the massive shark on the cover.

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And I actually enjoyed this shark book quite a bit more than even I expected to. There's not much else to say, as this was a straightforward book. That being said, I am definitely keep an eye out for his other books both in the series and outside of it - they are quite exciting and great for summer. Steve Alten Primal Waters is the third instalment in the science-fiction, action-adventure series, Meg, written by Steve Alten. After learning that the Meg film will be releasing in August, I decided to re-read Primal Waters so that I could continue with the series and satisfy my building excitement for the upcoming theatrical debut.

The book was a disappointment my first time reading through it, and I am sad to say, that it was painfully worse the second time around. Primal Waters takes place eighteen Primal Waters is the third instalment in the science-fiction, action-adventure series, Meg, written by Steve Alten. Primal Waters takes place eighteen years after the events of book two, The Trench. He receives an opportunity to be a host on an adrenaline-junkie show called Daredevils as they get ready to shoot their second season in the oceans around the Mariana Trench.

Desperate for cash, a reluctant Jonas accepts the gig. Yet, shortly after the crew kicks off their adventure, it becomes apparent that mysterious forces are at play with vengeance on the brain. However, there will be NO major spoilers for the book itself. The story takes forever to get going. I recognise that there is a level of foundation that must be laid for an action-adventure narrative, but it should not take up pages of the page total. After all of the pieces were placed, it still felt like nothing of real consequence was happening.

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I would read about the Meg killing so and so, and creating havoc here and there, all the while stifling one yawn after another. There was no anticipation for what was to come; no excitement. I suspect one of the reasons I could not get absorbed in the brutality of what was occurring was because I became fed up with waiting for it to arrive. The teenage daughter of the Taylor clan is stereotypically ditsy and immature, falls for the narcissistic surfer-type dude, and constantly gets into an argument with her dad about it.

I do not understand why people seem to always turn to this trope when they want to create some sort of familiar strife. It is so fucking overused, not to mention quite irritating. Then you have the marriage between Jonas and Terry, which is tested in relation to fidelity. Women are written atrociously in the Meg series. They are superficial as hell, mostly white women, unrealistic in the ways that they interact with men and one another, and always depicted to be traitorous, conniving, and passionately disloyal people who will go to any lengths to satisfy some cockamamie agenda.

What is up with that? Even if you have a male character that is a dogmatic, macho, sexist asstart, it is the woman that is always at fault. Speaking of shock value, as I mentioned earlier, the shark attacks were also lacklustre and unimpressive. There is a lot of death in this book, which given the Megalodon count, does make sense.

Nevertheless, most of the ones that happened, were alarmingly similar to those in prior books. They were not word for word the same, but the situation and descriptives surrounding them came as being wholly unoriginal and a repeat of past events. The same could be said about demises of other animals involving Megs.

You had some characters that you knew right off the bat were going to die, mostly from their shitty personalities, and others simply due to the fact that they were fresh faces in convenient death-inducing scenarios. This is where that predictability bit shifts into sixth gear and takes the fuck off. Overall, this book is terrible. I am actually rather upset and angry at myself for not noticing all of these things on my first reading of Primal Waters. Then again, I was super bored then too, so maybe my brain just checked the hell out.

A small part of me does want to continue with the series just to see what the hell it will take for the Meg to meet its demise. But the larger part does not want to deal with more terribly written characters and rundown narrative tropes. I suppose only time will tell as I will not be picking up the fourth book in the near future, at the very least.

Feb 25, A girl has no name rated it it was amazing. Can't wait to dive into the next 1! View 2 comments. Dec 10, Robjr73 rated it really liked it.

Chapter 3: Mrs. Which

I shouldn't give this book 4 stars I really shouldn't. The writing isn't great. The story is so far fetched You ever see that movie Sharknado? If you did then admit you sat thru the whole movie didn't you? For as much ridiculous bullshit that Sharknado threw at you it was impossible to not see it through to the end right?

Maybe that's a bad example. How bout Jaws 4? Anyone remember that piece of trash? But we still watched it and enjoyed the shark kills didn't we? This book is the spawn of Sha I shouldn't give this book 4 stars I really shouldn't.