Reconsidering Clinical Integration In The Wake Of Health Care Reform

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He drafted and negotiated dozens of State Laws, and implemented statewide regulatory enforcement efforts impacting more than health care institutions statewide. He received an award for outstanding service for his work at the Department of Health as well. As lead attorney for a consortium of health care providers, he recently devised a strategy leading to early and successful settlement of a health care coverage case.

In another recent case involving First Amendment issues of first impression, he successfully sued to learn the identity of and obtain judgment against a defendant who claimed a First Amendment right to use the internet to defame his client. Bienstock writes and lectures frequently on health care, insurance coverage, and the Affordable Care Act. As the healthcare industry continues to evolve in the wake of ACA reforms, case managers are taking on more standardized collaborative approaches to care coordination and its changing delivery systems.

HIN: What advice do you have for case managers going into embedded workplaces and what are some of the obstacles those already embedded have encountered?

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As a case manager, you need to survey the landscape to figure out how people relate to each other, and then just use good business etiquette, for lack of a better way of expressing it. Absolutely not. We know case management.

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But how we relate to the people around us is probably the number one thing. You will be faced with a situation, without a doubt, that has challenged other people. And that is where you are going to prove your worth, by leveraging the skills that you have to find out what really is the issue or issues going on, and finding ways of addressing them.

You might not be able to solve all of them.


Teresa Treiger : I think so, for a couple of different reasons. There are already community-based companies that do home care. And case managers may be part of or leading the team of lay care workers for these companies, acting as main points of contact to their individuals, at least when the client, or a family member has the resources to engage a company like this. Accountable care organizations ACOs will also be using case managers that are assigned into a practice, or a group. So the opportunities will be and continue to be out there for case managers to be more involved with their communities at a community level.

The digital age is redefining healthcare and many factors are driving this medical revolution.


In: Conners R, editor. Regionalcare Hospital Partners, Inc. Providers can decrease duplicative testing and avoid medication errors with uninterrupted communication. Full Text. The theory-practice divide we are wrestling with today is due, in large part, to the dissolution of classical rhetoric in the Western world and the success of the case and Socratic methods in law school.

This infographic from MDG Advertising shows that patients are now much more digitally active in their healthcare. Research reveals that 72 percent of U.

The graphic shows that women are more inclined to seek health answers online and that more than 55 percent of medical Web searches are about specific diseases, 43 percent are related to medical treatments, and that weight loss and health coverage each account for one-quarter of Web inquiries. It also points out that patients are coming together on social media sites to form communities for sharing their experiences, resources, and research.

As a result, 40 percent of patients have posted comments about personal health experiences and 30 percent have consulted online reviews of healthcare services. Employers cite their commitment to promoting health and wellness as a business strategy and show continued desire to expand health promotion initiatives. And are ACOs truly designed to improve it? Researchers from Weill Cornell recently tackled these questions in a thought provoking piece featured this week, questions that need to be addressed in order to formulate effective healthcare and social service policy.

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Reconsidering Clinical Integration In The Wake Of Health Care Reform file PDF Book only if you are registered here. And also You can download or read online. Results 1 - 8 of 8 [PDF] Reconsidering Clinical Integration In The Wake Of Health Care Reform by Martin Bienstock. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every.

At issue is the widespread use of the phrase population health tied to ACOs, and whether ACOs actually have the incentives or the tools to improve the health of the entire community in which they are located, or whether they are just responsible for improving medical care for their own population of patients. To read more on this discussion, click here.

The foundation will provide states with the support they need to build a more highly educated, diverse nursing workforce that will improve health outcomes for patients, families and communities.

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Researchers found a consistent trend toward improvement in coronary artery-related events, mortality, readmissions, and costs among those patients who most adhered to their medication regimens. Accountable Care. Rural hospitals not using bundled payment models. Acute Care. Ambulatory Care. Business Intelligence. HCCI: Price of healthcare is growing, utilization is dropping, price variations persist.

Practices keeping close watch on risk adjustment coding. Meaningful Use.


CMS overhauls meaningful use as 'Promoting Interoperability'. Patient Engagement. Sutter Health Aetna partners with Docent Health. Opioid crisis: Medications underused. Population Health. Medicaid may be the driver to reducing costs.

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Risk Management. JAMA: Hospital employees are clicking on phishing emails. Payers must change dynamic with providers to survive in the post-Affordable Care Act world. Getting patients access to better health iformation. September-October Subscribe. Events Newsletters Sponsored About. Top Stories. Addressing bad reviews can boost patient satisfaction. HIT, not rebates, greatest threat to affordability. Where the critical access hospitals are. Healthcare mergers and acquisitions in Running list While was a record-breaking year in healthcare mergers and acquisitions, saw more change as organizations across the industry adjust and adapt to the evolving financial landscape.

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Analyze this: Health systems, health plans get to the core of big data Pamela Peele knows that people who subscribe to cooking magazines have a much higher risk of going to the emergency room. But how she knows that is a whole other story. Once-failing hospitals say accountability, transparency key to surviving fallout from failing patient safety grades When Leapfrog released their Spring patient safety grades recently, 15 hospitals got slapped with a very public 'F' grade casting a spotlight on them that no institution wants.

Clinical Quality Measures Although quality-reporting programs such as meaningful use provide incentives to help providers implement and use electronic health records EHRs to collect and report on clinical data, practices often need help deciding what data to collect, which measures to report Credible, Defensible Estimates In healthcare, every interaction with the patient matters.