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He also personally encouraged my son after the case to stay positive and focused. We could not have asked for a better outcome! We were very pleased with his services.

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I contacted him online after business hours and he called back first thing the next morning. He took the time to speak to both my daughter and myself about her case. He had a very pro-active approach to her case, a plan, when we had no plan. He offered good advice that worked in getting her case reduced to the lowest offense without going to trial. Jonathan was exemplary in contacting us via email and by phone, and we always knew exactly what was going on in the case.

We would recommend him to our family and friends. This, plus the fact that he works from Northville which is where I was arrested for OWI are really what prompted me to contact him. I sent him an email detailing lots of things from my terrible experience, and he emailed AND texted me back right away, even though it was a Sunday and he was out with his wife. He later sent me an even more extensive email telling me when he thinks he could do to help me in my particular case.

This kind of prompt and thourogh feedback was standard the entire time I worked with Jonathan. This technically falls under the Michigan Super Drunk law. However, as it was my first offense of any kind, they only charged me with misdemenor OWI. I spent the night in jail, my car was impounded, it was terrifying. I am almost done with college in the medical field and I just kept thinking "my life is over. He used to be a prosecutor so he knows both sides of the game. He also really helped to walk me through the process and ease my mind about what to expect in terms of sentencing.

Well today I had my day in court, and I have been dreading this day for a month now. Thanks to Jonathan's approach, he was able to convince the prosecution to give me a lesser charge of OWVI the lowest and cheapest alcohol-related driving charge. I was also given 9 months of reporting probation with only holiday blows, 5 days of community service of my choice, and an alcohol class that probation recommends. I did NOT lose my license which was another huge fear of mine , and only have a restricted license work, school, medical appts for 90 days.

I am so happy I chose to work with Jonathan Paul. Without him I probably would have never been offered the lesser charge, as it was his unique proactive approach that finally made the prosecutor offer it to me. I would highly, highly recommend Jonathan Paul to anyone in need of a DUI Lawyer, because I could not have gotten that outcome without him.

The 30-Second Trick for Criminal Defense Lawyer

After getting Jonathan Paul on the case things completely turned around for me. Jonathan quickly came up with a plan for me. He was able to get me on the right path and reverse the damage done by my former representation. He kept me very well informed and responded very quickly.

Drug Charge Defense Attorney Secrets

In the end I really enjoyed working with him and got the best outcome possible in my situation. I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a lawyer" - Possession of Marijuana Client. I was arrested for retail fraud in Novi Michigan, and I hired Jonathan because of his proactive approach. He had me start community service immediately and do special shoplifting classes to show that I was a good person and not a bad person or a criminal.

His approach made me feel better, because I was moving in the right direction and had goals. Because of his plan, he was able to convince the prosecutor to dismiss my case, and I was left with no criminal record. I am grateful for his unique approach, and I would have a criminal record and a questionable future without his help - Shoplifting Client. When I was arrested for drunk driving I thought my life was over.

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Luckily I found Jonathan's website and his action game plan, which puts a strong emphasis on treatment and being proactive in my community. He had me attending AA meetings within days, meeting with a great counselor and doing community service. This plan resulted in the judge not even testing me for alcohol during my case, which can be expensive and time consuming, and I was able to keep my driver's license, which allowed me to keep my job and take care of my family.

I would not have had such a great result without being proactive. Jonathan's plan convinced the judge that I had already done enough to show I would not be a repeat offender, and I didn't deserve to be treated like a dangerous criminal. Hiring a lawyer was like hiring a doctor for me. I wanted someone who I trusted with my well-being, and would have a game plan that I was comfortable with.

Jonathan told me that he was very selective with who he represented, and I would need to follow his game plan to even be considered as his client.

Unveiling 3 Insider Secrets of a Criminal Defense Lawyer

He told me I would need to do community service, attend special classes and commit myself to working hard outside of the courtroom. Sullivan Jr. A litigator for 45 years, he focuses his practice on white-collar criminal defense, complex commercial litigation, defending law firms in malpractice cases, and products liability and mass tort litigation. Theodore F. He is widely recognized as one of the most able trial lawyers in the country.

Your first goal is to show the jury that you are professional, articulate and nice. Demonstrate to the jury that you actually believe that your client is in the right and that if your client does not prevail, then justice will not have been served.

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Never say anything bad about the opposing lawyers during opening statements. Never overpromise. Remember that the facts and the law are important, but it is your credibility that can make the difference in the outcome. In a criminal case, never say that your client will testify, even if you are 99 percent certain it will happen. You may not be able to recover from this broken promise. You must repeatedly tell the jury that the government will not be able to present sufficient evidence to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Say it enough times that when you hammer it home during your close, it will sound familiar, and it will be consistent with your opening.

The government will likely call a witness who you will demonstrate has twisted, to the point of obliteration, the truth. You must alert the jurors that they will hear from a liar, and that you will show them how the witness lies and why. Hold the details. Just alert them that there are likely to be fireworks.


Thus a young prosecutor, barely out of law school with less life experience and hard knocks than Ruby, put a young woman with children in jail for no justifiable reason. First impressions are important when it comes to substitute teaching. Hire Counsel. The prosecution must prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, whether or not the defendant testifies. That is what they get paid to do. Skip to main content.

This may make the jurors skeptical when they first hear that witness, leaving them with an open mind about your expected impeachment. Save it for the right moment at closing.

Clear Reputation

Never do it at opening. Reid H. His clients have included former U. Some things about opening statements are axiomatic: Tell a compelling story. Lately, I have borrowed a favorite tactic of my late, and much-missed, partner, Mark Hulkower, in my defense openings in federal criminal trials. I identify and emphasize a critical issue where I have the upper evidentiary hand. Allison Leotta is a former federal prosecutor in Washington, D. Previous: The Brain Defense: Vets with head trauma, stress find mercy in court. Next: Illinois Legal Aid Online earns praise as the best website of its kind in the country.

Toggle navigation. Home In-Depth Reporting 6 more leading trial lawyers share secrets… Advocacy. Sometimes, it's the attorney who might need the assist. According to Tritico, hearing a man being sentenced to death, as he did with McVeigh, "might be the most sobering thing you'll ever hear in your life.

The adage about never, ever talking to police without an attorney present? Defendants idling in jail before their court dates can wind up digging themselves an even deeper hole. The district attorney, at least in North Carolina, can get a copy. Phone calls are the same. Representing public figures like John A. Gotti, the son of notorious mafia figure John Gotti, often leads to attorneys being damned by association.

Lichtman used to get hate mail, which later morphed into hate e-mail and other displays of contempt. It might seem like an innocent client would be easier to defend. But according to Gates, having a strong belief that a client is falsely accused creates additional strain on the defense. If a defendant is partial to ripped jeans and heavy metal t-shirts, attorneys will often advise them to spend some time shopping.

You need to show respect for the system. Ask a criminal defense lawyer why they chose that legal subspecialty and the most common answer is that nothing gets their blood going more than a case with high stakes.

That said, no trial moves along at the speed presented by true crime documentaries or popular fiction. CourtTV, when they would put a camera in the court room all day? Like watching paint dry.

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In , jurors spent seven weeks on the federal trial of notorious Boston gangster James "Whitey" Bulger and another five days deliberating on a verdict. Guilty on 31 counts, including extortion and involvement in murder. Another popular television trope is the defense attorney pacing, gesticulating, and thumping tables in an effort to exhibit some swagger in front of a jury. Most judges are not going to let you do a lot of dancing in front of a jury. Sometimes prosecutors are so determined to nail defendants—particularly in federal trials where ample government resources can mount suffocating cases—that defense attorneys see no obvious way to win.

While Guzman has yet to go to trial, Lichtman successfully defended Gotti against a litany of racketeering charges in How do you not want to take on challenging cases?

Jailed for a crime? Gates believes the bail system for freeing jailed clients is fundamentally unfair and designed to force plea bargains favorable to the prosecution. The longer someone is forced to live in a cell, the easier it is for prosecutors to make a deal—and avoid the dice roll of a jury trial. Every week seems to bring a new docuseries obsession, from Making a Murderer to The Staircase. For lawyers addressing jurors, they have to factor in what these shows have "taught" viewers about the criminal justice system, even if it's not quite accurate.

Instead of fighting it, Lichtman leans into it.