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You thought Germans were unapproachable? That they needed at least 38 years to think about inviting you home for the first time? No way. Even in an ordinary bus you will receive a warm and hearty welcome. Now, you are probably worrying that guests are never supposed to turn up empty-handed. They are supposed to bring flowers, wine or chocolates.

However, when you visit the bus driver, presents of this kind are superfluous. A valid ticket is quite sufficient.

Bus driver involved in fatal collision with schoolgirl had no licence

Not buying a ticket is prohibited. Firstly, you would abuse the trust of the nice bus driver. Secondly, if you were to meet one of the legions of controllers on the prowl in Berlin you would be forced to pay a fine.

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Instead of spending the money on fines you could invest in yodelling lessons or a course on how to make potato salad. If, on the other hand, you already have a ticket you should show it proudly when you get on.


Oh, and by the way, always use the front door please! The mildly amused bus driver watches in his wing mirror as hoards of disorientated tourists try to storm the central and rear doors.

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Let them storm. The doors are firmly shut. The driver waits patiently. He knows: sooner or later even the thickest tourist learns that you are only allowed to get on at the front. How else should you greet your host?

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Move on please. Time to find a seat. The sign over the door of the double-decker informs you that this bus is allowed to carry 45 sitting and 23 standing guests on the lower deck and 37 sitting and 0 standing guests on the upper deck as well as one crew member, i. The seats have to be taken methodically: first of all, we climb up to the upper deck and only when all the seats have been taken there are we allowed to sit downstairs.

Before embarking on the journey, it is advisable to acquaint yourself with the various kinds of tickets and select the appropriate one. There are single tickets, day tickets, group day tickets, monthly tickets for people, monthly tickets for bicycles and even eco-tickets which allow you to take an adult and three children with you for nothing between 8 pm and 3 am on weekdays and during the entire weekend. The details are stipulated in the transport regulations.

Moment children scream in terror as 'drunk' school bus driver behaves erratically

But how should you know whether a dog is small or large? We share this information so that your drivers have every option to reduce traffic delays and ride duration for NYC Students. Please remind your drivers that school buses with passengers are allowed to use NYC Bus Lanes, and make sure they are familiar with the rules and definitions above. We greatly appreciate your participation as we strive to improve transportation services to our students. Home For Transportation Vendors.

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This individual receives much grief from his peers due to his countless hours of time wasted driving the bus without anything to show for it. Weapon of choice is. A high school bus on its way to a retreat blows a tire and stops at the nearest ranch for help. The driver, five troubled students, and their ridiculous gym- teacher.

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