The Lawn Care Business Can Get Dirty, Ugly, And Mean.

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Like anything new, we first need to begin with the basics. Having a solid understanding of the fundamentals of gardening will give you a great foundation to build from for years to come.

Simply Green Lawn Care located around Atlanta, GA has these steps to follow to get you playing in the dirt this spring! The first day of spring is just a couple of days away, and already we have been experiencing some of the signs of the season in recent weeks. Flowers are in bloom and the sun is shining. We wrote recently about about our spring lawn care checklist , but another thing we should be paying attention to is the length we are cutting our grass.

Now is the time to scalp those lawns! Spring is less than a month away, which means that it is time to pull those warm weather clothes from the back of the closet and the bottom of our drawers. It also means that we need to asses whether or not our lawns are ready for the growing season. Much of what makes a successful lawn for the warmer months, is preparation. Answer all of these questions, sit back and watch your yard flourish! Preparation is key when pursuing a lush green lawn. One of the most influential elements of any successful lawn or garden, is the soil.

Soil is what helps a plant absorb necessary nutrients, and testing it periodically is important to ensure that it is at its most effective. The pH levels in your soil can be a real deciding factor in the success of a lawn. Maintaining healthy levels, means beautiful grass and plants. Simply Green Lawn Care is committed to bringing greener, healthier lawns to the Atlanta area , and that is why we have broken down what all of this means for your lawn.

So what is pH? When we measure pH, we are measuring the acidity and the alkalinity in something. Our soil in Georgia tends to be more acidic, and a good range for soil in Georgia tends to be between 5. You can send a soil sample to a local extension service, and they will check the levels for a fee.

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Simply Green Lawn Care also offers these services for a small fee. If the soil has a low pH of something like 5. If you fertilized, a large portion of it is going to waste, and the rich color of your lawn will begin to dwindle. After the results have come back, adjustments in lawn care treatments should be made accordingly. Simply Green Lawn Care offers top-notch services for the home and business. If you would like to have us test your soil and treat your lawn, please contact us! To most people, it might seem counter-intuitive to fertilize a lawn during the dormant season.

This notion would be wrong, however, for people with tall fescue turf. It can grow in several different types of soil and is resilient to drought. See for yourself why fertilizing your turf now will yield the best results later! If you have a tall fescue lawn, contact us for a treatment today! We will have your grass looking the best it ever has for spring and summer! It feels like winter is finally here and there is no sign that it is going anywhere anytime soon. Now that we are putting these tools away until the growing season arrives again, there are a few steps everyone should follow to ensure everything is in working order come spring.

Simply Green Lawn Care , located near Atlanta, GA , has a few things for you to pay attention to before letting your equipment hibernate for the season! Does your lawn care equipment have blades? When storing equipment that has gasoline, it is important that we take extra care when putting these away for the season. Come spring, when the gas begins to grow again, your equipment may not start. To avoid this, be sure to drain the tank before storing it. It is also imperative that we change the oil, remove soil and debris and remove rust and re-paint those areas.

For this type of equipment it is important to clean the nozzles before its non-use during the dormant months. To do this fill the tank one quarter full with a mild dishwashing solution and spray out and then drain upside-down. You can also store nozzles and tips in kerosene or diesel to prevent corrosion. Can you believe that another year has already come and gone? New years eve is this Thursday and many people will be celebrate the start of with friends and family.

The new year is a time to start fresh and make resolutions for the next 12 months. Some people take strides towards bettering themselves, but, here at Simply Green Lawn Care , located near Atlanta, GA , our goals are to make you lawn better! If you want to have a more vibrant and healthy lawn in the new year, here are some tips to get you started in ! Simply Green. Manage Account and Pay Bills Phone: Leave a Comment.

Having a well-kept yard can show that you take pride in your home and, as a result, probably take better care of it. This fact of our modern society means that we can look at a multitude of potentials within the span of minutes. A home that is not visually appealing can quickly be clicked over and passed up for other options. Making your home stand out is essential. Option 2 - Actually measure the size of your lawn with a measuring tape.

Lawn Care For Dummies. Simply feed them every weeks. You can also measure decibels using computer programs like Audacity or Decibel reader. Landscape Calculator was created with real world field experience of landscape contractors combined with the design knowledge and expertise of landscape architects.

Eckman, 71 Mass. I have a lawn mower engine and I need to read and adjust its rpm precisely. Mow Tree Leaves in Fall. This fertilizer application, known as "dormant feeding," encourages healthier, greener lawn in spring. How Distance Meter works. I see no feature in my TOOL's menu???

I have PDF files that are house floor plans. The purchase of or foot tape or longer can surely be justified for a business in which area measurement is important. There are 2 types of measure, the laser and the traditional string. Shop Walmart. Software, reports and marketing materials. The first thing to do when preparing to measure your yard is to determine the set of units you will be measuring in and stick to it. Since using MLQ, we have submitted over quotes. General Tools is a manufacturer of specialty hand tools and instruments. The lawn care business is no different from any other business.

What are the best measure apps for Android? It's not easy task to find the best measure software. For stairs. Best measure apps. Input the plants you pick, and you'll receive reminders of when to plant them. Models in the series are ideal companions for lawn-and-garden use, nurseries, research stations or utility tractors used in turf work of parks, estates and golf courses.

Official website for the City of Albuquerque, N. Are Henselite bowls Australian made? Henselite is the only trusted and innovative Australian lawn bowls manufacturer with over 80 years of experience. If the image of your yard is outdated, or if there are trees or other objects blocking the view of your lawn, just do your best to use the TaskEasy Area Tracer Tool to trace around where your lawn would be. New issues will be released quarterly, with relevant content for the respective season. Take a look at the departmental KPI examples below to learn more about the one you should be.

For irregularly shaped floors, divide them into individual sections, calculate the square feet in each one, and then add them together. Use a lawn spreader to apply fertilizer, never by hand. All your favorite music, podcasts, and radio stations available for free. Get free project ideas, take classes and shop discount scrapbooking supplies. Order Here.

Mowing Periods

The Lawn Care Business Can Get Dirty, Ugly, And Mean.: Stories Of Survival And Success To Get You Through The Rough Times. [Steve Low] on Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Steve Low is the host of the GopherHaul Lawn Care Business & Marketing Show. Moderator of the Gopher Lawn Care.

You are eligible for a full refund if no ShippingPass-eligible orders have been placed. Join millions who have lost weight with MyPlate - the most user-friendly way to track your food and exercise on your Android, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. This means less weeds to treat when the weather warms, keeping your lawn beautiful year round. Explore worldwide satellite imagery and 3D buildings and terrain for hundreds of cities. A healthy, high-quality bluegrass or ryegrass lawn may need up to 2. This diagnostic tool will help you identify and manage common and invasive weeds in Minnesota lawns and landscapes.

All-inclusive field service software for pest control, lawn care, landscape, tree care, irrigation and more. This is in contrast to adding grass to your lawn through sod or other forms of fully mature grass. One deep watering is much better than watering several times lightly. The Landroid app lets you calculate your lawn size, control your Landroid remotely, adjust the mowing scheduleā€¦the list goes on. It's app-based. Show me how. In any case this will place a marker that you can use as a reference point to draw the area on the map. Helper tools include: grass type identifier, grass seed selector, weed identifier, and more.

The Apple Watch records different types of metrics, not just steps. Be sure to include all concrete or brick walks and patios, driveways, and fences. The square footage of your lawn tells you how much area you have to work with. At Ace, we can help you with the right advice and the right products to ensure you get the results you are looking for. The app includes more than 20 invoice templates to choose from, all of which can be customized with a company logo.

Apply so that the leaf blades are wetted to the point of dripping. ShotBowl is a fantastic measuring tool for Lawn Bowlers of every skill level. Both companies are dedicated to building relationships with our clients and our community. Over 90 Years of Quality and Innovation. We have attached properties which makes it just a tad challenging to keep snow on your side of your property while shoveling or brushing the snow off the steps. But it's not impossible.

My son kindly went out and asked him not to brush the snow from his steps onto our steps. This solved the problem but I thought it was just common sense not to do it in the first place. We wouldn't have done this to them. Answered 7 years ago by Khai.

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The neighbor that joins my yard in the back always leaves junk in back of his garage -bricks, metal parts, scrap wood, basketballs, tarps, etc. He can't see it because he lives in front of his garage, but I have to look at it. Plus, our yard is downhill from his yard so his trash is always rollling down against our fence. If I ask him about it, he gets all bent out of shape and thinks that I am crazy. I put up a tall bamboo fence so I don't have to look it but junk still rolls down against the fence. Answered 7 years ago by glass. My neighbors have planted vine type plants all over their backyard 'for privacy'.

They have this trumpet vine the has grown under their fence underground and we have to keep going out and pulling up the feelers that have grown into OUR backyard and sprung up. I am SO tired of it! Answered 7 years ago by urkrazz. Losing all of my trees in a storm, yet still having to rake leaves every falll from neighbors' trees! Roots from neighboring trees infiltrating my yard and slab and driveway! Answered 7 years ago by mamacass One of my neighbors uns his sprinkle system EVERY DAY for a couple of hours and has flooded my lawn and killed a good deal of the grass - when I asked him to stop this incessant watering, he reported he didn't know how to change it without turning off the system altogether.

He refused my help with the controller. The people acorss the street have LOTS of trees in their yard and never rake the leaves - therefore they all end up in my yard! I finally had to hire a service to keep up with them. Now the people across the street have stopped doing anything with their yard,including picking up papers and trash - it is becomming a real eyesore. I work diligently inmy yard to keep it neat, but these lazy folks are really ruining the neighborhood.

Answered 7 years ago by Reader1. My neighbors don't know anything about plants. I think it's great to not have a "lawn" but my neighbors have ivy, vinca, hellebores, and monkey grass. All are exotic invasives and work their way into everyone else's yard. Worse, they don't cut back the monkey grass along the sidewalk.

So your nice wide sidewalks narrow to about 18" in front of their house, it makes the whole street look uninviting to walkers. Answered 7 years ago by murphy. We live in a subdivision without fences, although everyone knows where their property lines are. That is, everyone except kids. Our neighbor's kids routinely play in the creek in our backyard their backyard faces a different direction , trample the flowers I've planted around the base of our trees, and leave their toys in our grass.

Answered 7 years ago by MandKBerry. Hi Angie: Encouraging people to say things about their neighbors o your site is not worthy of Angies List. WE really do not need more sites that create things for people to be mean to each other. And I do not think this is worthy of the Angies List I have known. You should remove this from your site. Answered 7 years ago by Dpolican. Hey, glad to hear we aren't the only ones with a crazy neighbor.

Ours thinks she is the neighborhood mayor. Our driveway is on the property line. She has put landscape stones on that line, up against our driveway. When it rains this causes water to pond on our driveway. This is probably illegal, but who wants to spend the money on lawyers and court fees! Answered 7 years ago by adabarb yahoo. The house west of us has been a rental as long as we'ver lived here 33 years it's in a constant state of disrepair.

Our house sits on a slioght hill, so our "view" is enitrely this backyard. We share a LONG common fenceline with this house and have endured over the years: dogs living there at one time no one cleans up after them grass and weeds so tall they are a fire hazard, it was a METH HOUSE for years couldn't get the city to do anything kids who threw rock imbedded snowballs at our windows, kids who SHOT at our dog with a BB gun, trailers full of trash parked in the back yard I certainly consider the fact that I can't be in my own backyard a "landscaping problem".

I have a vegetable garden back there, otherwise we don't use the backyard. We've replaced the common fence 3 times, now we will replace it a fourth time this summer with one as high and strong as we can.

The Lawn Care Business Can Get Dirty, Ugly, And Mean.

If I was in a position to move, I would. All becasue of this house alone. Ironically the house next door to them has won several city beautification awards.. Answered 7 years ago by Liz He doesn't offer to help clean them up with his power mower either. The only other tree we have in our yard doesn't lose it's leaves Monkey Tree so none of the leaves we have to clean up are ours.

Answered 7 years ago by chickee We had a big storm in October, with a lot of tree damage. Had to call a landscape company to come and chip and take away lots of debris. However, our neighbor on our front side has left all of her large trees that fell down lying there. The scene is a total eyesore and we must see it every time we walk out of the front door. She doesn't really see the mess as it is in her backyard but we do! Answered 7 years ago by yard drone. I don't think it's encouraging people to be mean or focus on mean people.

I specifically read through all the posts, because as a new homeowner, I wanted to see if we might be doing any of the annoying habits unintentionally and then correct ourselves if so. I think this question actually makes us all a little more aware of how to be good or better neighbors! Answered 7 years ago by BIRD. Our neighbor has a beautifully manicured lawn that is always brilliant green, regardless of the weather BUT after a good rain, all the weakened earthworms depart his lawn and drown on the concrete sidewalk, since he has put SOOO many chemicals on his lawn.

This happens no where else in the neighborhood. He is basically making such a shallow, dense root mat, dependant on artifical watering and fertilizer feeding, without air pockets and natural paths for the water to drain down and spongy soil to hold mositure, that the earthworms can't burrow deep and they simply have to flee -- and then die! He might as well lay down astro-turf! At least then he wouldn't be sending excess nitrogren into the Chesapeake Bay with huge consequences!

Also those who make "turle mounds" at the base of their trees also called "mulch volcanoes" are settting up their trees to fail. Often those trees' roots surface beyond the mulch, desperately seeking moisture to survive. More than 3" deep mulch limits the amount of water that can get down to plant roots. Thick mulch against the bark of the trees sets the bark up for rotting -- no mulch should be against the tree bark or plant stems.

Seek info from your local Master Gardeners and Cooperative Extenion Service -- who have nothing to gain by selling you anything, and have researched-based knowledge of best management practices. Answered 7 years ago by MD Master Gardener. My neighbor could win the prize for this. He collects and stores rusty junk on the edge of his property and mine sometimes even leaning on my fence.

He used to keep it on my property until I put the fence up which made him show his evil side for the longest. He even used to put his trash like left over stews and dog hair on my property. After the fence he still blows his leaves over to my yard. He tries his darndest to blow as much through the chain links and the rest gets blown around and up. He insist on riding his very loud mower twice a week during summers and starts mowing at pm or later. He waits until I have my windows open and starts his fires that always blow directly towards my house.

And his trash is not yard debris, it is household and rubber and wires,etc. Lastly, I think, is that he is constantly watching me and my home. He has even set up his lounge chairs toward my home to sit and watch. Sometimes he is hiding behind his shed watching or listening; funny but he still smokes while he's hiding so I smell him and know he's there. The good news is that I moved even though I still own the place. But he is bored now. Pratically my whole neighborhood drives me nutty! We have neighbors that keep their kid's play junk in the front yard but their backyard is empty; another neighbor had his window knocked out and it's been boarded up for almost two years now - maybe I should start a collection for him; another neighbor piles leaves in their front yard and when the wind blows they blow onto my driveway.

And my personal favorite, religious icons Maybe I'll hang a pentacle in my tree to ensure everyone is represented. Answered 7 years ago by isismoon. I am just grateful to live in my neighborhood after the one I moved from. We are all very quiet and boring. Yes, I have to rake leaves that come from other trees..

I at least give credit for effort Answered 7 years ago by Lslb. I live in Florida, where my neighbors both have very tall pine trees, while I have none. The pinecones drop on my yard as much, if not more than their own. They are huge, and very sharp, so you have to wear gloves to pick them up.

I have a veggie garden and ornamental garden which are now pelted with pinecone rockets!! Very annoying!! Answered 7 years ago by Ladybug. What continues to drive us crazy is the 6-foot concrete wall our neighbor erected years ago. Since it had to be concrete or nothing, we didn't contribute a dime. The wall casts a shadow on part of our yard which has cut off sunlight and killed flower beds. Where the shadow falls, we've lost a lot of choices. Slowly, vines are growing on it and the wall looks better. Worst part is for them, though. We live near the ocean and the neighborhood has a mildew problem, and the wall shades an entire side of their house, built less than a yard away from the house.

Therefore, no light, cooler, damper, nothing grows, only dirt. I can only imagine the mold problem they have now.

How to Price Lawn Care Services - How Much to Charge

It could have been avoided. Answered 7 years ago by BarbL. Answered 7 years ago by Erin Kelly. I like my neighbors for the most part but I don't like it when they don't control their weeds along our property lines. Their weeds eventually migrate into my beautiful lawn that I maintain myself. I would like to buy them a gallon of Round-Up Over a year ago my neighbor across the street started a driveway next to his house to park his motor home and still hasn't finished the job.

Don't start a project unless you have the time and money to finish it. I hope the people who read these postings learn something if it applies to them. Don't buy a home if you cannot maintain it, it's not fair to drop the value of the surrounding homes because you are too lazy to care for your home - rent an apartment instead.

Answered 7 years ago by DiveDiva. My neighbors aren't "getting under my skin". They are the nicest young family but, it astounds me the "decor" they put outside to make it look "more better". I understand that "good" is a matter of personal opinion and taste but, the real killer is, he's an architect! They bought the house two years ago and the it has the oldest and the moldest pine fence.

The fence does nothing to keep their two young boys in and I would have thought, that would have been the first project they did so mother didn't have to constantly supervise and chase them. Answered 7 years ago by Wilma. Our neighbors on the one side light their back yard up like it's a stadium at night with these crazy flood lights!! They even light up part of our back yard and shine into our house and I can see itfrom our bed room at night. They did move them slightly so it's not as bad anymore but still pretty annoying Waste of energy, too!!

Answered 7 years ago by Angiesuser. I live in a neighborhood that has restrictions forbidding fences, sheds, trucks unless kept in a garage and structures closer than ten feet to the side of a property. Unfortunately, the original developer who drew up those restrictions is no longer with us. The restrictions leave it up to residents to enforce them.

There has been no such enforcement, so the neighborhood is full of fences, sheds and trucks. The people who live behind me have erected a 6 foot high fence that looks like Harford County has placed a branch of the Detention Center behind me. There also is a huge shed placed two feet behind my property line. I have been trying to fight this in Circuit Court, but that is a rather sad story also. Answered 7 years ago by loustorm.

Most of our neighbors are wonderful at maintaining their yards, just a few households think it's OK to put plastic flowers in planters and pots in their front yards, but it's offensive and no one has the heart to tell them. The other very inconsiderate practice by some are wind chimes I don't have a dog or a hearing aid What get's me is that they hang these things in their backyard but they never go out there.

I suggest that a little forethought when doing something outside your home as to how it may affect those around you Answered 7 years ago by pejay. The thing that drives me nuts is windchimes. I cannot allow my dog to bark at all hours but windchimes can make noise, yes it is noise, at all hours. Answered 7 years ago by quiet neighbor. I really, really hate it when our neighbor, who only mowed his lawn in PA, where the grass does grow a lot a total of like 3 or 4 times all last summer, blows the long, thick grass, over into our yard which I mow every week.

The grass lays in my yard and kills my grass if I don't mow it back over into their yard. You would think after me doing that every time, they would get the message, but nope! We also have a neighbor on the other side that has a black walnut tree that really produced A LOT of walnuts last year and they made a big mess everywhere! My husband kicked them over into his yard though! Answered 7 years ago by annoyed. My neighbor's yard is a never ending cement pouring project which is hard to describe in words.

I'm told by other neighbors that he has been working on it for 12 years and no one really knows what the goal is other than to build more cement walls and dig ditches. For at least 4 years, he has had tons of dirt piled up against my fence which has caused my fence to lean. In his front yard, he built a cement "raised planter" by mixing and pouring one bag at a time. This planter looks horrible and I told him that I would have problems selling my house because of it.

I finally paid for a survey which revealed that a 16 foot length of his 3 foot tall cement wall was over on my property by as much as 7 inches in some places. He agreed. My plan was to plant self-pruning thuja emerald trees to eventually hide the wall after they grew. Soon after I planted the trees, the city told my neighbor his front-yard construction was in violation of code and he had 20 days to remove it. I wish they had done this sooner.

Answered 7 years ago by Long Suffering. Great question Angie! My pet pieve is my neighbor throwing his junk oil bottles, his old sewer pipes, car parts, and the list goes on! We finally got a survey done to mark off our land and as we knew he was polluting our property. We decided to string bright orange tape along the trees to 'show' him where 'his' property is. None of the other neighbors can see it and it has worked well! When they fully behave we will remove the tape. Also wind chimes and barking dogs!

Answered 7 years ago by Jackie Total eye sore! Scrap, junk cars, dilapidated buildings, trash! I wish I had the problem of a compulsive gardener! Answered 7 years ago by sushivoodoo. Neither of my neighbors fertilize, so their weeds,especially creeping charlie which I am now at war with, have made their way into my yard. I am not a fanatic about my lawn, but creeping charlie does just that Answered 7 years ago by Smartie This looks so getto and we live in a nice neighborhood. Answered 7 years ago by janedoe.

My neighbor down the alley has a mature "Tree of Paradise. This tree prolifically produces enough seed and suckers to invade all the backyards down the alley. Most of my neighbors are not aware that the little stand of trees in their backyard is an extremely invasive not to mention, stinky species until the trees are big enough to produce their own suckers.

I spent all last summer trying to get rid of them in my yard, but it is a systemic problem. Answered 7 years ago by koalacat. My neighbor had a medium sized wading pool they set up right next to the fence line. With summer over they emptied it but let is sit collapsed all winter and I am guessing it was ruined. The following summer they bought a new, larger pool, this they set up in the middle of the backyard thank goodness enough childrens toys against the fence line already! So, the old pool sat collecting water and growing mosquitos all summer long, not to mention it seemed a magnet for more junk.

We have not had mosquitos as bad as last summer. I did not want to go out after the sun started going down. The middle of winter and they finally decided the pile of junk collecting around the pool and the pool itself should be cleaned up. I guess that is a start. The rest of their yard is nice enough, they mow their poor lawn 2x's a week. You would think they would clean up the junk corner. We had some strong winds this winter and some of thier junk pile blew out into the driveway and road. I guess that is one way to clean up -. That is just sad to see.

I think they thought the small pen was ok because they sell them for chickens. What they did not understand is the part about moving it around the yard or only keeping standard or bantams in it, not 5 large hens! Trash: I have a couple of neighbors that put their trash cans out a couple of days before pickup. Due to the usual direction of wind, it ends up in my yard.

Lack of respect for neighbors and their property: I don't mind the occasional ball or toy landing in the yard or the dog that got away. What I do mind are the kids who think my yard is just something between them and their friends. There's also the lady who allows her dogs to run all over everyones yards and do their business. Those dogs have attacked me and my dog on more than one occasion yet she just laughs and says "Oh they won't hurt anyone.

Barking dogs: I own a dog that I never let bark incessantly as my neighbors do. I've started yelling at their dogs myself. Don't care if they don't like it, someone has to do something. Outdoor lighting: Enough lights it could be used as a landing strip for aircraft. And worse yet, they are positioned so several shine directly into my bedroom window. I can't leave my window open at night because of all these bright lights.

Living in San Antonio we experience drought on a regular basis so we replaced a dead front and side lawn with rock, flowers, trees, etc. Our neighbors on both sides seem to believe that thier grass clipping, hedge trimmings, etc. No so! The yard trash builds up and makes our yard look unkept. One neighbor mows late at night which is OK but I never get to talk to them about the grass clippings blown on our property they mow without a grass catcher and the neighbor on the other side has a yard man who doesn't speak English so trying to get him to understand he's making a mess on our rock by blowing the leaves and debris our way is useless.

I guess there is more important things to worry about but my husband and I are in our 60's and can't get around very well any more and the whole idea for the rocked front yard was to eliminate maintanance but it is only worse. Besides that anyone walking by seems to think rocks means it's a trash can and dog potty and throw everything you can imagine. Answered 7 years ago by owenkm.

Most of the dead grass ended up in OUR yard and in the drains on our street. We'd spend early spring days raking up HIS ornamental grass and having to get rid of it. What a putz. This was just one example of bad behavior from these neighbors. The list is long, but you only asked about landscaping issues!!!

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The dandelions were almost knee-high, until I hacked off the tops before the flowers could turn into seeds. They won't even notice I was in their yard! They moved in more than three years ago and haven't pulled out the dead shrubs at the mailbox. Haven't trimmed the hedge. I could probably do all that and they wouldn't notice!

Why buy a house if you aren't going to take care of it? Motion sensitive security lights. The lights are so bright and so misdirected that i can read in my bedroom at night without turning on the light on my night stand. I have spoken to her numberous times but she never corrects the problem. All I get are excuses about "that's the way they work" and "that's how the man that put them up set them up".

My neighbors planted bamboo all along our share fence. It is now coming up all over OUR backyard. If we pull it up, more than one shoot comes up in it's place. The also planted wisteria vines along the cast iron fence we paid for.

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The had lumber delivered 5 years ago so they could build a deck. It is still on the side of their house by ours. We are now getting roaches and black widow spiders that love that damp environment. The also have a broken paddle boat leaning against our fence and it has a huge well in it that fills up with water and is never emptied.

The mosquitos are horrible unless I go over there once a month and drop a mosquito tab in it. They recently saw me in there yard doing that and their adult son came over and yelled at my husband to keep me in my own yard. We are fed up. Answered 7 years ago by Artgirl. They park their vehicles in the front yard, up to the living room windows, turning the entire tiny front yard into dirt. They could easily park on the street. We live in a nice, well groomed middle class neighborhood. There are no other homes in such a sloppy mess. Also, on the side yard next to the street is graffitti on their tree which their son spray-painted a figure.

It's been that way for months. I'm considering going in the middle of the night with shades of gray paint and getting rid of it!!! Our neighborhood has an association to which we pay into. I've called them and they said they can't do anything about it! Well, guess who is not paying association dues this year, LOL. Answered 7 years ago by Sandy Feet. Our neighbors to the south have let their English laurel, an invasive species, grow 3 stories high. Our south-facing roof is growing moss!

Answered 7 years ago by Sara Aj. Alexandria, Va:my nieghbors have duck tape holding thier shutters together and the house has had no outdoor mainence in yeras. The trim is rotten and bushes have grown so large getting a car in the garage would be impossible. However, they have two new cars sitting in the street! They have the adacity to question why the nieghbors down the street did not sell for K Answered 7 years ago by Otter My neighbor likes to put geese decoys in his front yard, and hang owls from his front porch.

We've seen geese land in his lawn before! Not sure why he does that. Understand this is a NICE neighborhood we live in Answered 7 years ago by Mile High. We've got the neighbor from Hell, he's a retired old fart with nothing to do but annoy everyone in the neighborhood. He starts at around 6 am most days, no later than 7. I've had back surgery so I go slow, but he is rediculass. I have watched him go over the same spots several times. I think he just likes to annoy the neighbors on the otherside they have had a fued going for a long time they take turns calling the cops on each other.

Answered 7 years ago by abbygator. All the light pollution. The whole house lights up like a space ship after dark. Shines in our living room and bedrooms, even with the blinds closed. Miss the days when the stars and moon lit the night instead of landscape lighting.

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Answered 7 years ago by truffles. I have beautiful, non-invasive Hawaiian Gold bamboo in my back yard, and my neighbor hates when it gets too tall because he's concerned it will hurt the power lines in some way. When I am not home, he comes over and cuts my bamboo at a very unnatural height approx 6' tall and leaves the trimmings all over my yard. I have never given him permission to do this, and even after I put a pad lock on my fence, he is able to trim it using a ladder and reaching over my security fence.

If I can catch him, I'll report him, but until then, I guess I have to deal with it. Answered 7 years ago by MollyGrabill. My neighbor is constantly getting notices from the city to keep his property clean and cut, but he doesn't. His house and property on the block is the only one that is not kep clear of debris. It annoys me and his next door neighbors that there is a lack of enforcement when dealing with those types of situations. Answered 7 years ago by Copout. People who choose to spend all their leisure time or lots of extra cash on something as trivial as their lawn I make sure the lawn and "weeds" don't enroach on the sidewalk by edgeing occaisionally and pulling the ones trying to grow in the cracks.

My lawn is full of dandelions, and various other "weeds". Answered 7 years ago by naturist. Our neighbors put Astroturf on their concrete driveway. And it stinks when it gets wet. They were elderly, and when the wife died, the husband was taken in by family and the house was abandoned. We have fought rats and the risk of arson ever since five or six years. The ultimate resolution: After being abandoned for so long with no property taxes paid, ownership transferred to the county. I petitioned the county Land Bank to take ownership of the property and demolish the house, which was beyond rehabbing by this time.

They agreed, and they're mowing the yard on a regular basis while arrangements are made for demolition. Answered 7 years ago by gamegrrl. We've lived in our home for 15 yrs. The first incident happened the first evening we moved in. The crazy lady next door decided she didn't like the shrubs that were between our lots so she cut the last 5 down to knee high length down from 7 feet. She blows as much debris as she can over into our yard and in front of our driveway. She has poured swimming pool chemicals on my hydrangeas killing them.

She drove her car into our privacy fence breaking the same 2 posts times each. We replaced the same 4 sprinklers 13 times in one summer. She would drive off her driveway and gun it winding up 8 feet over onto our property, crushing our sprinklers. We've even been outside when she's done it and she would drive off. When confronted, she would say "oh, some worker must've done it. The sheriff's office told us she called 23 times in a 6 month period and that unfortunately, it wasn't against the law to be mentally unstable. They suggested we erect security cameras just to protect ourselves from her claims that we were "trimming her shrubs", "cutting her flowers", "screaming at her", etc.

When she tried to lie about throwing her dog's poop onto our property, the deputy told her we had her on video and this angered her more. She then started driving to the front of our property throwing Round-Up on our lawn. We now have cameras all around the perimeter of our property.