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This investigative rigour translates to the performance. It is wrestling through the discomforts of that on a very personal level. Anything destabilising sneaks in under the wire of song and story and landscape. Like any good road trip, Status is based around. Song space is a really special space. In Status, Thorpe notes, there is a much closer relationship between the kind of music and the person who is telling the story.

It comes back to that idea of having to accept and make useful your own identity and everything it entails. I am, after all, quite tall. So I set about trying every Olympic discipline — from diving to mountain biking, wrestling to volleyball, tennis to weightlifting. Over the course of a year I had a go at them all, sometimes even training with actual Olympians.

She immersed herself in a gruelling training schedule with an athletics club, tackling all 14 tetradecathlon events from scratch—m, m, m, m, m and m running; m, m and m hurdles; long jump, high jump, shotput, javelin and discus—to prepare for her moment on the world stage. It was her first time on a running track. After training for 20 months, the then yearold Hendry was ready to step up and take her place at the tetradecathlon world championships. But before she had even competed, she was inspired to start working on a show that would tell her story. You can only laugh — eventually.

So I was intrigued to hear about Lauren Hendry, a theatre producer who decided to try her hand at the tetradecathlon and is now telling her story at the Edinburgh Fringe. But what on earth is a tetradecathlon — and how did the year-old Glasgow native come to take part in this niche competition? In fact it was the heroics of heptathlete Jessica Ennis-Hill, who returned from maternity leave to win gold at the Beijing World Championships, that inspired Hendry.

The theatre-maker began Googling the events that constitute a heptathlon, fell down a Wikipedia rabbit hole and eventually stumbled across the tetradecathlon. And then I realised: there are no other scores — only 12 people have entered the world championships. Watching the Brownlee brothers pedal to victory in the triathlon, I.

Having had a go at every Olympic sport in the year following the London Games, Jen Offord was intrigued to hear about TetraDecathlon, a show by Lauren Hendry about taking on the most challenging athletics discipline of them all. Not so much the longer distances, though to be fair, a range of m to m is pretty impressive. As a former gymnast, hurdling also came quite easily to Hendry. And I definitely did some falling over. I had the same revelation when it came to almost every Olympic discipline I attempted.

Even boxing, it turns out, is more techique than anything else. You know what else came as a surprise? In terms of what we can expect to see on stage this August, Tetra-Decathlon is full of exactly these ups and downs and revelations, says Hendry, not to mention the jeopardy of how she actually fared in the competition. MCing our entertainment was the glorious Bernie Dieter of Little Death Club, who kept us laughing all night long with her top-quality banter.

The highlight of the night was her song about unsolicited dick pics — complete with, ahem, visual aids. Kicking off the music with a bang was Australian band Electric Fields, whose mix of electronica, soul, and Indigenous sounds had the crowd begging for more by the end of their set. The wonderful Ali McGregor then impressed us with some delectable jazz, getting the crowd to make her a makeshift disco ball with their phone lights, and ending her set with a literal mic drop.

Capping off the night was a performance from the fierce and hilarious Fringe Wives Club, followed by a fabulous DJ set from Harry Clayton-Wright of Briefs that had us dancing late into the night. Not like we had a print deadline the next day or anything…. Brett Goldstein would get that note. Goldstein thought his girlfriend, whose sexual tastes were far more adventurous than his own, was the one.

Doomed love is far more interesting than roses around the door. He is unflinching in his examination of his own flaws—and his observational comedy about a visit to an STI clinic and what his love of surgically enhanced breasts says about him is no exception. Goldstein has crafted a thoughtful, deeply personal hour with lots of big laughs, and it flies by. The couple got engaged within weeks of meeting, and Dixon, a chatty and smiley comic, talks about the joys of making a home together.

But the strains began to show as he worked all hours to pay the mortgage, while she sorted out her visa problems. Then a shocking piece of news turns this story in another direction, but way too many questions are left hanging. What I would give to sit in shows next to a Freudian analyst with a particular interest in the semiotics of knob gags. What follows is so-so material about his marrying his husband, the highlight of which appears to have been gaining his force-feeding Italian mother-in-law.

She is in character as Olive Hands, a washedup daytime TV presenter who needs a brilliant idea. Why not a mother-and-baby show? So The Hand That Rocked the Cradle is born, and we are the studio audience as the cameras start rolling. Z-list celebrities and daytime television are easy targets but Vyse manages to draw out some original material from them, and her audience work is terrific — not many comics could persuade grown men to do some of the things that she demands of them onstage. Huge fun, and done with a big heart. No wonder artists are attempting to address continental rifts in song.

Where there is discord, the Fringe is bringing the harmonies. His Brexiteers are backwards, pining for Woolworths and worrying about Poles. None of the major players is spared. At one point, she lets rip a dog-whistle squeal. The satire mostly sticks to the surface. Every song has a certain naivety, which pretty much sums up the state of the debate.

A cheerful, diverting hour—some solace in the midst of the Brexit melee—it stops a long way short of the best satire. Skimming the biggest shitshow in 50 years for lolz, it misses the boiling fury beneath. Big in Belgium has gone big on Brexit this year. She winds up in what might as well be another world:. Marieke Dermul wants to write a new song for Europe — a catchy European Citizen Popsong 2 stars that combines diverse musical cultures into an anthem for EU-nity. That task takes her city-hopping around the continent armed with a camera, meeting euroscpetics in Italy and anarchists in Greece.

A Kiev-based flautist talks of it as a promised land. A punk band in Berlin disavows borders altogether. Without interrogating the way music brings people. Barely Methodical Troupe burst onto the UK circus scene in with the award-winning male three-hander Bromance. In the follow-up, Kin, a kick-ass woman discombobulated a handful of young lads. Strong and nimble, she seems up for and capable of just about anything. Nor is her attitude at all superior to the lads. She is instead, and rightly, on equal footing with them. The foursome generates an easy rapport both among themselves, and with us.

And there are missteps: a desultory bit of storytelling-with-motion, and a puzzling, pointless episode in which Nikolajeff distributes large rubber bands to the audience and then nothing happens. Circus has deservedly grown into a Fringe mainstay, a development especially gratifying during the th anniversary of the invention of the genre. Plenty of other productions have featured boundlessly energetic, attractive young artistes.

Indeed, some were devised by this same company. The gifted people onstage are framed by three free-standing, wheeled walls that can be configured in many ways. The opening movement section, with the ensemble scooting through and about these walls, seems frantic and overfamiliar. Things settle down, however, in a most winning fashion.

The highlight is an unusual, and exquisite, male-female Chinese pole duet. But there are no disappointing acts and, consequently, much pleasure to be had. That includes the finale, a heavenly romp in billowing, cloud-like folds of parachute silk. The premise is simple: a cast of six some of whom are not, refreshingly, fresh-faced kids juggle their way through some clever, sometimes complex and mostly satisfying patterns choreographed to rock-pop classics by the likes of Bowie, Dylan and the.

Often the lyrics are repeated aloud by the performers, and accompanied by different moves. Much of this works a treat, but even good bits are overextended.

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And good fun it is too, especially if variety is what you crave. Harris and Thomas Gorham do a naughty-silly balancing routine dressed up in Game of Thrones-style garb. Garry Starr, aka Damien Warren Smith, plays with various theatrical genres while dressed in ruffed collar and tights but minus a codpiece. Strands of spaghetti are used a la Lady and the Tramp to deal with romance. Kali Retallack has an elegant, sensual ring routine, Chelsea Angell makes the most of her hula hoops, and cheeky Rowan Thomas strips inside a Cyr wheel.

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Novak is well known in her native New York, but this is her debut in Edinburgh. And what a debut — a wonderfully relatable, superbly smart show. This might sound weird, but just go with it. How Embarrassing For Her is, first and foremost, about penises. Much more philosophical. She slowly but surely man-.

And Novak is a hugely engaging performer, laying her whirring thoughts bare with frenetic wit and bubbly warmth throughout. Angela Barnes is a lesser comedian this year. Regarding the weight loss, the Kent-born comic is at pains not to sound body-fascist, but rapidly gaining it is a sign that her mental health has gone awry. That anxiety kicked in after a seedy MeToo moment, and her lengthy speech about the subject is hugely impressive. If you want something summed-up succinctly, ask a good comedian. And Barnes is certainly that. Elsewhere there are great punchlines galore, invariably hitting the right targets.

Rose Tinted is razor-sharp, sometimes angry, but also features a big heap of hope. His experience as a comic and energetic crowd-pleaser is put to good use in this rather literary endeavour. A little D minor strumming goes a long way. Things are complicated, after all. Five minutes from the end of Beetlemania: Kafka for Kids! Too neat. Too happy. Not Kafka. They are presented here. When did Bethany Black become one of the most interesting acts on the circuit? Or it may be the case that the more diagnoses she racks up, the shrewder her understanding of herself and the world around her.

Well, that character is never going to make an interesting Fringe show then. Our Aussie host, on the other hand, channels an unconvention-. One of the stand-out set pieces of this show is based on an event that took place little over a week ago. Black has the skill to readily. So many stepdads. And parrots; lots of Demi-replacing parrots. Plus at least one belligerent kangaroo, who briefly steps in as her secondary caregiver. No need, as we are very much on board—albeit all laughing hardest at different bits; always a good sign—rolling with the pumping beats early doors and barely getting a chance to register how.

Somehow it holds together as a coherent show too, as Lardner does bring things down along the way, dipping into her poetry book and taking an occasional psychometric test, all of which are also impressively hit-heavy. In fact, the only slight lapses in this magnificently farcical feast are when she breaks into minor giggles, and briefly breaks the spell.

But who can blame her? What a pleasure it is to welcome back Sheeps to the Fringe. The three-man sketch group—Liam Williams, Daran Johnson and Alastair Roberts—last performed together here in , and have been working on solo projects in the intervening years.


Their show, Live and Loud Selfie Sex Harry Potter, is in the same vein as their previous work at the Fringe — original and intelligent sketch comedy with a touch of the surreal. It is understood Kate wanted to show her children the finished project on Sunday, so they could see what she has been spending time working on. All that stuff really does is evaporate any atmosphere, which Cloud only partly recovers with a ghostly, jump-scare conclusion. Trivia About Tarot Cards on th Refresh and try again. The comedian suggests his earlier work was hampered by structural issues.

Their show, Live and Loud Selfie Sex Harry Potter, is in the same vein as their previous work at the Fringe — original and intelligent sketch comedy. That makes the hour sound rather serious. As the hour progresses, we see the narrative—of how the group came to work together again—gradually emerge, a storyline constantly. Each queen gets at least one fabulous—and often totally unremarked upon— costume change, and most get two or three.

His audience is able to forget about the horrors and focus on the beauty of more mundane and harmless things. The particular mundane activity in question, this safe haven that Munnery invites his audience into, is the activity of cleaning. Caught the wreath. A recent stint of employment as a cleaner at an egg hatchery provides inspiration for a large chunk of the show. He focuses on. Do you ever find yourself willing someone to do something, anything, a bit naughty? He does this beautifully, in an unhurried style that allows him to weave multiple narratives, moving each along just a little.

Many years ago Tom Stade found himself switching from a coveted studio contract in California to life as an unknown standup in the Black Country — Wolverhampton, to be precise. It was a culture shock. Tonight he has to cope with Black Wednesday, which is slightly. But, in truth, the content is less important than the form here. His long adjective phrases wash over comfortably, but scratch the surface and the illusion is rumbled.

Greenway is such a talented performer that he could risk challenging his audience a bit more, unsettling them, giving them more to chew on. And though most Fringe comics would kill for an audience like this, tonight it takes a while to get the juices flowing. That also takes in booze,. He supports that theory by challenging the youngest and oldest guys in the room. They bond. The second half here is a treat. Still somewhat unsung after all these years, Stade is up there with the deified Doug Stanhope when it comes to skilfully taking good taste to the very edge.

Celebrating the completion of a successful web build, only nepotism saving them from woefully exceeding the deadline, IT consultants Lloyd Henning and Pete Sutton have decided to throw a party, with music, dancing and food. The final element is the most important in Robot Chef, as the pair have contrived a jerry-rigged mini-kitchen in their basement nightclub venue.

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Controllable through smartphones, everyone in the crowd gets an avatar pro-. And then put it on in the Wee Cow, scientifically proven to be the hottest venue in Edinburgh. As Dubois might say, my chestnuts. The kitchen itself is a deceptively elaborate setup of magnets, motors, virtual on-screen buttons and a couple of elements straight out of the mad scientist textbook, with the deadpan Henning and Sutton occasionally interjecting to explain the awkward purchase of a prop to create their dubious enterprise.

Surprisingly addictive, Foxdog have all but eliminated the occasional faffing and fiddling between set-pieces that compromised their last Fringe hour, for about as slick but still perilous an operation as they could hope to manage under the circumstances. The responsibility for things going entertainingly wrong has almost entirely been successfully, messily passed to the audience.

Whatever the festive equivalent of the gutter is, Dubois is in it. As audacious a move as it is, Dubois largely pulls it off sorry. Essentially, Dubois the drag creation of Gareth Joyner is having a bit of a joke with us, seeing how far and how out-of-context she can push an hour of smutty snipes.

Pretty far, it turns out. Also, so many easy cum jokes leave a bitter taste in the mouth. Even fewer able to riff easily about an audience member who reveals that they subscribe to Wicca beliefs. But it is high camp and big on laughs. Those jingle bells? After several shows spoofing film genres, Sleeping Trees have opted for something different this year. Despite the knockabout sketch.

The unexpected shoutout to Nick Knowles is perfectly welcome. And the performances of James Dunnell-Smith, Joshua George Smith and John Woodburn are tight as a drum, whether as pensioners performing a gymnastic sex act or, most hilariously, as villains indulging in a mutual suicide pact to escape retribution. Particularly effective is a scenario in which Woodburn, a kidnap victim, projects Stockholm syndrome onto his captors, introducing them to the Home Alone films and working through their relationship problems. Indeed, she herself runs out of patience with her audience, dismissing them early on with a shooing motion and a tacit apology.

The warning signs are there, chief among them the moment she. One can only assume the title is an ode to her attempts at writing the show. Marina frets over her script and vocal warm-ups; Maddy makes funny noises and rates the audience for fitness. Acting Out veers between old tropes and new dopes. Then Maddy clown. How do I loathe thee? Let me count the ways. One, parodying that Star Wars opening crawl has been done to death. Four, if perhaps when this show was conceived, Trump-based satire could make do with ticking off the.

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Youthful rebellion can move in mysterious ways. But where Python sent their posh gro-. These are rather niche caricatures. A couple of new-age spiritualists are probably well-observed, but again do little apart from contradict each other, then hassle a guy from the audience.

Kate visits her Chelsea Flower Show garden

The Bye sisters are entertaining company, and if you live or work somewhere affluently bohemian then this will no doubt all seem hilariously relevant. POTUS moved way beyond a figure of fun when he, I dunno, backed white supremacists and authorised putting children in cages.

Trump takedowns probably need to escalate accordingly. Literally, people not being paid to be on the Trump protests made a better effort. Oddly, the only bit where this approaches something passable is an uncomfortable and unwanted date with an unsuspecting audience member. Having thoroughly lost the crowd and visibly given up hope, Jay lets his Trump slide towards nihilistic bitterness. But hope died for us long before. Why invite such an easy comparison?

Kate visits her Chelsea Flower Show garden | Irvine Times

Between them, Michael Ajao and Valentine Olukoga play a cast of thousands give or take in a. Nigerian village, during the military rule of Sani Abacha. The story, though, centres on four brothers, who Ajao and Olukoga share out between them. Ajou is all gangly awkwardness for a young Ikenna, all edgy swagger as he ages.

And into tragedy. There are a few sound effects that feel like overkill for such engaging performances. Blackthorn follows two children—the first born into their. We get snapshots of their lives at key moments. Their love is a darkening bruise as the British economy re-shapes their. The writing is generous as it looks at how home is elusive, even if you stay where you start.

Childhood roots are deep and tangled, says the play — a lot like love. Theatre Re and Fourth Monkey. The characters fill the stage with an assortment of meticulously arranged, widescreen tableaux and our focus is encouraged to roam from one pocket of activity to the next. The action driving the fairly abstract narrative weaves in and out of the throng.

Rather, they succeed in. At the conclusion of the piece, most audience members can scarcely believe their eyes. How to describe The Woman and the Canvas without making it sound dreadful? At the beginning of the piece, she is found sitting alone with a nurse on a largely empty stage. Her carer implores her to approach the one prop in sight, an easel, but leaves in frustration when the patient fails to respond.

Alone, Anna timidly makes her way toward the canvas and the stage begins to fill with characters. As she paints, the trauma that led to her internment is played out before our eyes. A cast of thousands seems to populate this collaboration from. The groove which Mark Thomas has hit with his run of first-person theatrical storytelling shows has really caught the essence of the Fringe. Blending comedy, theatre, politics and a warm sense of audience. This is a nostalgic situation for Bissett. This is the story of those years, from the unbridled joy of a teenager rapidly fulfilling dreams, to the exploitation—financial and image-based—which she fell foul of.

Check Up: Our NHS 70 is Thomas on fine form, using his skill as a theatre-maker and passion for a truly up-to-the-minute topic to create a riveting piece of work. Yet the NHS has been badly wounded in recent years — through interviews with high profile figures which he relates or plays back here, Thomas lays out exactly why that is. The very short answer, which he fleshes out with consummate storytelling flair, is a combination of marketisation of health delivery; budget cuts in areas like social care, with the NHS left to take up the slack; and a sloppy lack of industry regulation leading to air pollution and obesity.

If we want to live longer, and more healthily, our own tax money is what must pay for this. It is, after all, our NHS. For her latest work, however, Bissett has chosen to tackle her own life story. The performers are arranged in gig formation, Bissett out front and. Fever Dream Theatre have an intriguing premise for their latest immersive show: upon arrival, the audience is split in half and led to separate bell tents in the garden of C south. Each group then hears a monologue that offers a take on the history of the two climbers whose tents we're sitting in—childhood.

Theatre Uncut have been producing work for seven years now. The first batch is a stimulating trio. Two voices, a woman and a man, reveal their own confusions over violence, power, and sexuality. Then, at exactly half-. Technically extraordinary and thematically compelling. The last, Safe by Niellah Arboine, is a dramatized, multi-voiced cacophony of non-specific misogynist internet noise. Abusive tweets, aggressive comments, and one woman trying to make herself heard amidst the racket. A disturbing and deeply unsettling piece, one of three diverting plays from three exciting writers.

The ironic contrast is that of a plastered-on smile. It puts into stark relief her quiet, subdued references to IVF. The show taps into that complicated guilt that sometimes accompanies feeling life has dealt you an unfair hand. He carriage to go to Oxford Without a license. It is said that she, in the New York, aged He had 24 children habit of a page, held Buckingham's horse by one wife. Articles of union between Eng- Sierra Leone company, and a writer on the land and Scotland ratified by the Scottish credit of Great Britain, died.

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Three women condemned at Hart He came from England hanged. A dissertation on the regreat intrepidity at the attack upon Savan- surrection of the body asserted is one of nah. He continued in the service through- his most useful works. He held various civil offices in WILKES was expelled the the state, and at the time of his death was British house of commons for writing the a senator in congress. The French entered Corunna. Ciudad Rodrigo, a town and fort- regarded his outlawery; was three times ress in Spain, eight miles from the Portu- elected for Middlesex, and his election as guese line, garrisoned by Frenchmen, often voted void by the commons, though taken by storm by the British under Wel- returned by large majorities.

Riot and rebellion of the students suicide in the 48th year of his age. He of Princeton college. Too imbecile brother to accept of no office from court. He was dethroned by Na- landers at Johnstown, N. British foraging party, took 9 prisoners, He was supposed to be at least years of horses, 40 wagons and a number of cattle. The United States exploring expe- chief, for misdemeanor at Philadelphia. Wilkes reported the Its genius that had the power to effect it.

A revolt of of the Jersey line of Intelligence. It was suppressed and two The city of Mocha taken by the of the ringleaders executed. Egyptians under Achmet Pacha; by which He was born , fire-king, being engaged in making some and became one of the most eminent experiments in chemistry, with phosphoric preachers of the last century.

His ser- ether, it exploded and scattered his body mons have been published in 15 vols. Australia first colonized, nearly Treaty of peace and commerce three centuries after the discovery of the signed between the United States and the Ladrones by Magellan, which constitute a republic of Venezuela. Governor Philip arrived with The army of the confederation of a number of convicts from England, and Bolivia and Peru, commanded by Santa established a colony at Port Jackson in pre- Cruz in person, was entirely defeated and ference to Botany Bay.

Santa Cruz imdied at Cherson in Russia, aged He mediately resigned his office. A report fully approving of the ment on the Baltic sea; a malignant fever conduct of Com. McKenzie and his officers prevailing there, he was prompted by on board the United States brig of war Sohumanity to visit a patient laboring under mers, was brought in by the court apthe contagion, when he received the infec- pointed for that purpose. A constitution was offered the abolition of titles of nobility, from which same day by his successor. A tornado in Ohio half a mile in afterwards resumed it. The French under Pichegru enter- tered, andl almost entirely destroyed the ed Amsterdam, and Geertruidenberg ca- town of Brandon.

A great fire occurred at Bergen in most propitious for the birth of men. Norway, when 60 houses and a great many stores were burnt. He was a member of the a battle, and was never taken by surprise. But pride, severity and He was the father of 14 children, and cruelty tarnished his renown, so that he 42 quarto volumes of books! He was knighted by Alexander His education commenced early, and The weather had been so moderate he was one of the most indefatigable stuthat up to this time no ice had been seen dents through a long life, that was ever on the Delaware at Philadelphia.

So entfirely immersed was he in The British government received and paid very little attention to the com. He may be called the loss of killed and wounded, by the founder of the science of chronology. Coote, who lost do. His first effusions were satires, which He was the son and suc- in the latter part of his life he could not cessor of Jehangir, but did not inherit much get admission into the Academy. He reof the talent and spirit of that powerful venged himself by calling them les invalides ruler. During a severe illness the govern- du bel esprit, and composing his own hument was usurped by his son, and on his morous epitaph: The affirmation allowed by Queen Abdul Hamet.

Anne to the quakers in England, extended From his 20th year, for the relief of Gibraltar; the garrison military duties devolved upon him; he was short of provisions. Grand fete in Paris on the birth government of the Deccan. He invited of the dauphin. Louvs XVI beheaded at Paris, aged dicants, to a feast, and compelled them to He had reigned 17 years and 7 months, put on new and decent clothing. The and is now represented as an amiable and gold and silver pieces which he found onl benevolent man, anxious to make his subburning their old garments, was of great jects happy; who in turn treated him in service to him in prosecuting the war the vilest manner, and executed him as a against his elder brother for the sovereign- tyrant and a traitor.

Htis behavior on many ty. He stirred up dissensions among his trying occasions vindicated him effectually brothers, by which they were put out of of timidity, and showed that the unwillinghis way, shut up his father in his harem, ness to shed blood by which he was parand in ascended the throne. Not- ticularly distinguished, arose from benewithstanding his cruelty he governed with rolence, and not from pusillanimity.

Upon much wisdom, and consulted the welfare the scaffold he exhibited a firmness that of his people. Two of his sons endeavor- became a noble spirit. He is best mednagar, and with his death terminated known as the author of Paul and Virginia, the brilliant epoch of the Moguls. It has chronological history of the popes. He was born at Dort in poet, died. His prose and poetry are said Holland, and went to England to practice to bear a peculiar stamp of humor, frankmedicine. Meeting with poor encourage- ness and cordiality, and many of his songs, ment, he turned author; but his topics, set to music by the first composers, have though professedly intended for the pro- become a part of the national melodies.

Day of general mourning in France, pen procured the means of subsistence, on account of the death of Louis XVI, but acquired for him an unenviable noto- twenty-three years after his execution. He came to America in the pursuit Battle of Wandewash, in India. He supported patent for printing music, for the term of himself as a teacher of music and lan- twenty-one years. The career of this of prosecuting inquiries into the natural able, but dubious and versatile statesman history of America. He was employed to was cast in a stormy period, and his acts arrange Peale's collection. On returning have been severely reprehended.

Yet much to France with his rich collections, he was of it is to the attributed to the odium exadmitted into the Institute, in the place of cited by opposing party feelings. He ponding virtues, and had he appeared in a commanded at the Cape-Coast against the different age, it is likely he would have deAshantees. Whilst making preparations veloped a different character. The British parliament having his compliments to him, and said he hoped met under the name of a convention, deto have his head as an ornament to their clared that the king, James II, had abdigreat war drum.

Subsequently Sir Charles cated the throne. William and Mary sucmarched against the enemy with a mixed ceeded him. He cious menace was realized. The trophy gives an account of every school, from the however was afterwards recovered. Loss estimated at 20,, The French under Macdonald en Hill, Virginia, aged In the revolu- The magnificent British vessel regards the days that are gone, of great Tayleur on its voyage to Melbourne, value.

Naval action off Guadaloupe besons lost. First English parliament constitut- Prussia. Second battle of Frenchtown in dared war against Charles V of Germany. The van of Gen. He der Proctor and Tecumseh. Notwithstanwas a distinguished writer of that age. The two houses of convocation British loss, as stated by Proctor, 24 killed, subscribed the 39 articles of the English wounded; the loss of the Indians is church.

The remains of Louis XVI and his in revenge of the murder of the grandson queen taken up from the burial ground, of Mahomet, seven centuries before, by and deposited with much solemnity in the the Syrians. His own force was In he added to these United States privateer schooner the kingdom of Granada, the last possesTomahawk 9 guns and 84 men, captured sion of the Moors, by conquest; at the by the British ship Bulwark. By force and treachery guished physician of Philadelphia.

He he acquired the kingdom of Naples, and was of German parentage, and a member by similar means Navarre was also added of the society of Friends; became eminent to his dominions. Thus the whole of Spain as an anatomist, and corresponded with was united under him; so that he may be Cuvier and other eminent naturalists of considered as the restorer if not the foundEurope. He held scientific meetings at his er of the Spanish monarchy. He was the own house, and was an active contributer most powerful monarch of his time; but to knowledge of all kinds.

He died of a his conduct was characterized by a total slow fever, caught by attending a poor want of faith, and a recklessness of prinfamily in a close apartment. He was the founder of that fearlebrated as the founder of the British na- ful tribunal, the Inquisition. He was born been condemned to' death as a rebel, and at St. A part of his estate, however, Great fire at Pera, Constantinople, was bestowed upon one of the regent's extinguished by the exertions of the crew favorites, who seized Hamilton's house and of an English ship. Great earthquake in South-Ameri- in a cold night, by which she became deca; the cities of Popayan and Pasto al- ranged.

This injury induced him to seek most entirely destroyed, and many lives revenge on the regent, after which he eslost. He emigrated from Scotland in of St. Saire in Normandy, died. Having , enlisted in the American army in finished his studies he entered the army, , and continued in it till , when which however, he soon left to devote his he was honorably discharged, on account attention to literature.

A marked antipathy of his disability, having suffered a stroke to revelation pervades his writings, and of paralysis. He was long a dis- gy, and the mystic sciences, which he cultinguished professor at the university, and tivated with much diligence. The 50thyear of his professorship Mass. Great reliance was placed in his was celebrated in In dress to the people of the United States he was appointed secretary of war, adopted in preference to Berrien's, andi the which office he held three years, and then Southern convention adjourned sine die, retired to his farm.

Action between the British frigate lyn, N. Hood, and French escaped from Van Diemen's Land. The British under Capt. Byron into the city of Damascus, in violation of colonized the Falkland islands. He was induced habitants, and reduced the city to ashes, to attempt letter-cutting by a friend, and. HUMBOLDT and his companions asried the art, that the beauty of his type cended Chimborazo to the height of 18, exceeded all others of the day, and was feet above the surface of the sea. The sought for from other countries on the blood started from their eyes, lips and gums, continent.

He was employed to cut char- and they became almost torpid with cold. A narrow deep valley prevented them from 17 She had lived higher. The Pennsylvania convention de- earl of Chatham, died. He was born , dared their determination, in case the ar- and at the age of 23 became chancellor of bitrary laws of England were attempted to the exchequer and the next year prime be executed by force, to repel the same by minister. It was during the early part of the most determined resistance. The British ship Culloden of 74 cluded. Notwithstanding the emoluments guns lost off Long island.

Parlialady, remarkable for her literary ac- ment decreed him a public funeral, and complishments. The mutineers of the ship Bounty taken care of by his uncle, who left him a having arrived at Pitcairn's island, and large fortune, with which to continue the landed all their effects, set fire to the vessel business of a merchant in Philadelphia. The is- volution, in raising supplies and devising land was then divided into nine equal por- ways and means to continue the struggle, tions between them, and the natives were were of incalculable importance.

Horrible massacre of the United Oct. States prisoners taken by the British and The houses in which the helpHe was of Irish descent, and before the re- less wounded lay were set on fire, and volution practiced law in New Hampshire. It is morally certain that the British first congress to enter the army; was con- generals Proctor and Elliott were culpable spicuous at several engagements; and ter- for this wanton sacrifice of human life to minated his military career in laying waste satiate the revenge of the savages. After the Carolina, aged His eyesight, which peace he filled several important state of- had failed him some years previous to his fices.

The French took possession of the death in all its strength. The present queen He was a member of the first con- menian writer of distinction, died, aged While the British beleaguered He commanded the British cavalry in the Charleston, his native city, he commanded Carolinas, in the revolution. On the restoration of peace he re- Philadelphia for murder; the first capital turned to the practice of law, and a short conviction of a female in Philadelphia. The British garrison at Georgetown, ance. His speeches when a member of South Carolina, surprised and taken by congress were highly finished. The French minister, M.

At a dinner complimentary to Georgetown. He was seventeen years Rus- Charles J. Fox, the chairman, the duke of sian minister at Washington, and was very Norfolk, gave as a toast, " Our sovereign's popular with the American people. There was an earthquake in a part which offence he lost all his offices. He was a native of Irefeet, and the shellfish attached to the rocks land, born in the reign of Queen Anne, died.

He commenced his He was appointed good monarch. But at the end of eight adjutant and inspectel-general of the Masmonths he was attacked with a fever, which sachusetts militia by Gov. Hancock in appears to have left a frenzy upon his , which office he held until After committing the most atro- soldier, died, aged Defeat of the Indians at Lochesassinated by a tribune as he came out of Hatchee by the United States troops under the amphitheatre, in the 29th year of his Gen.

Jessup; loss of the latter, 7 killed age, and the 4th of his reign. He was a renowned western pioneer, and in early life one of general and great traveler; who, on a visit the first owners of the land on which Cinto Britain, built the famous wall or ram- cinnati now stands, died at Springfield, N.

He was also a died. His history affords a series of cruel- noted linguist, and author of a work on ties and usurpations almost without a pa- China, a Chinese dictionary, and a Japanese rallel, from , when he ascended the and English vocabulary. The remainder of h's life was passed in imprisonment. He took the fortress of Gib- He was the has continued in the hands of the British, son of a peasant; his mother a priestess of and is considered impregnable.

He enlisted as a He distinguished himself in dius, the latter of whom, on his death the army of Louis XIV. He delivered Italy from the of poetry, politics and history, died. He barbarians, and conquered the famous Zewas an American by birth, but went over nobia queen of Palmyra. He had planned to England about He wrote a his- an expedition against Persia, and was. Louis at Quebec, the Ann Boleylt in a garret at Whitehall. Earthquake in the eastern part of Seven severe shocks occurred vine, died.

He is known principally by during a few days, by which houses his Anatomy of Melancholy, a rare book, were thrown down in the city of Buwhich it is said he wrote to divert his own charest, and 60 persons killed. The shock of an earthquake was The Indians, accompanied by felt in the city of New York and vicinity some French, attacked the town of York to such a degree as to excite considerable in Maine, killed 50 and carried away alarm.

The episcopal clergy of Scotland, in the streets of London.